Confession Time – I Ate “Hipster Chow” – And Loved It!

I went  out  to lunch Friday with my husband. Both  of us wanted  to eat at a place we don’t  normally  go for lunch. We didn’t  want Mexican, didn’t  want the local pizza or Asian  buffet, and we didn’t  want to eat at Sidetrack, a local restaurant/bar next to railroad  tracks.

Mike  suggested  we give the “Corner  Brewery” a try. We visit the local restaurant /microbrewery  quite  often, but usually  stick  to a “liquid diet.” The food is a bit on the pricey side, but since we’d both had gotten  paid, why not?

Both of us revealed  our inner “hipsters” with our choices. Mike chose the bowl of vegan  chili. My choice shocked  him a bit, which prompted  him to exclaim:

You hipster!

I could have chosen the fish sandwich, fish and chips, or a grilled or crispy chicken sandwich, all choices  I could  get virtually  anywhere, so nope… I could have ordered a reuben, club or burger  (none of these options  too appealing  for a non-pork/non-beef  eater) or the vegan burger. I tried  the vegan burger  before – not only did this “faux” burger  have no taste, but it fell apart when I ate it…pass.

Other popular  choice were the pizzas…nope, not hungry  for that…

One option  remained – the “quinoa cake sandwich.” Quinoa patties, shredded  lettuce, red onion, tomato on hoagie bun. I added smoked gouda and fries. I’ve  jokingly  called this a “urinal cake” sandwich when seeing it on the menu  before.

Would I like my “hipster chow?” Yes…I would! The quinoa patties were  crispy (texture similar  to falafel), and held together  while I ate them. I’ve  read about how healthy  quinoa is, but have dismissed  it because  of its “mealy” texture (pssst cooked quinoa can be smuggled easily  into meatloaf). I don’t  know how this “magic chef” made this delicious, but he did! I asked  our server to pass along  my sincere  compliments. Mike was was also happy with his “hipster chili!”

Truth be told, we won’t  be eating  there very often. But  it was nice  having something  different from standard “pub grub!”

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