Was John Wayne Gacy a LGBTQ “Ally?” What About Jeffrey Dahmer?

I’m  seeing  complaints  that Pennywise in the It sequel kills and eats a gay man and taunts  one of the principal characters  whom is gay. Apparently  Pennywise was some kind  of gay icon before  this movie’s release (who knew – apparently not me).

Rather than getting  into whether or not it’s  right  or wrong for a monstrous, child-eating, child-torturing  and child-killing  FICTIONAL  clown  to engage  in anti-gay violence in a movie?

I’m  just  going  to point  out  that  two real-life “monsters” – convicted serial killers John  Wayne  Gacy and Jeffrey  Dahmer –  were both gay or had gay tendencies  (Gacy may have been bisexual or a closeted  gay). Does this  make them “enemies” or “allies” to the LGBTQ cause?

Do even our movie villains need to be “politically  correct” now?

3 thoughts on “Was John Wayne Gacy a LGBTQ “Ally?” What About Jeffrey Dahmer?

  1. People are overreacting to it. Adrian doesn’t die because he’s gay. IT kills him because he was available. This political correctness garbage is a disease. Its like the feminists that complain about a woman dying in a film, but ignore the slew of men that are killed in their wake.

      1. Right, I don’t get it. I know in the book It does reveal a female gender to Bills wife when he takes her captive. But IT is whatever it wants to be, which “I guess” is an icon for the LGBTQREDINMDINDNI community? I guess that goes with the entire ‘be what you want kind of vibe’ but making a child killing monster that represents all of the evil of humankind the icon for gays is worse than making Ed Gein one.

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