Some Lake Michigan Scenes (August 8, 2019)

I’ll admit it. I have kind of a “crush” on all of the Great Lakes…well, at least the ones that border Michigan! I think of Lakes Erie and Ontario as being those “other” Great Lakes (I have managed to see every single one of these lakes at least once). And yes I know Lake Erie borders Michigan – I just haven’t had too many chances to “enjoy” that particular Great Lake…yet.

I got to pay a little visit to Lake Michigan earlier this week. Last year, I did a “trifecta” of photo blogs about Lakes MichiganHuron and Superior. Pssst…Superior is my favorite – though I still really, really love Lake Michigan, too! As luck would have it, weather was cooperative enough for us to not only have a fantastic afternoon at the beach (temps in the low 80s, nice breeze, clouds and sun mix) – but we were able to take a few dips in the water, too!

You don’t just “take a dip” into Lake Michigan! Sometimes she’s in a feisty mood and will want to rough you up a bit! She’ll send out some whitecaps that will splash you in the ass when you’re just starting to get “used” to the water. She’ll send you where she wants you to go! It’s really no joke this year, with drowning deaths in Lake Michigan being way, way up in 2019. My mom told me last night she’s glad to know we were safe in the water (lol)!

That said, you pretty much have to let any Great Lake have her way with you! Having a flotation device is good – and not wandering out farther than where you can touch the bottom is good, too. Keep in mind you’re not going to be able to plop down on an air mattress or oversized unicorn float and just kind of doze off. There are plenty of “inland” lakes in Michigan which are perfect for that (or maybe a family member’s swimming pool). Don’t turn your back on a Great Lake (not ever)! Once you kind of get the “hang” of things a bit, you’ll probably learn to “ride” the waves a bit. Then if you’re like me, you’ll get the guitar stylings of Surf Rider stuck in your head! It’s the song played in the closing credits of Pulp Fiction.

My husband just teased me – “Are you listening to surf guitar songs while looking at photos from the beach? You goofball!” Uh, yep!


Me and my swim “noodles.”


Mike doing battle with Lake Michigan’s waves.

As you might imagine, Warren Dunes State Park, just a stone’s throw from the Indiana border in Southwest Michigan, has some…sand dunes. Rumor has it they’re all named “Warren.” Some hardy folks like climbing ’em! Meh…at my age, I’ll settle for just ogling them!



I had to be very “clever” with this selfie – and block out the Italian ice concession stand!





We still have some “play time” on the calendar in early September. We’re still deciding which lake we want to visit this time!


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