Lake Michigan – The “Marcia Brady” of the Great Lakes

This is one of a series of photo blogs I’ve done about Michigan’s Great Lakes.

If you like white sand beaches, sleepy little towns with overpriced wares and sunsets so awesome that the locals clap when they’re over with? Look no further than Lake Michigan! Michigan’s west coast of the Lower Peninsula borders Lake Michigan, and it’s a popular area, especially in the summer months for beach bums, sunblock lovers, sunblock haters, boaters, paddleboard aficionados, wine lovers and nature lovers (like me) who just adore the lake views. I had my first experience with Lake Michigan when I was about 10 or so, when my mom took us camping at Ludington State Park. This wildly popular state park boasts three modern campgrounds, a walk-in rustic campground, great hiking trails and a sizable white sand beach surrounded by miles of sand dunes. If you want to camp here, reservations must be made well in advance. Also if you want to camp here, you’d better not mind slightly cramped camp sites and…crowds! The hike-in campground is your best bet if you want to get away from the “touristy” crowds, but you’ll have to haul in all of your gear on a bike or in a pack on your back.

Without further ado, here are some Lake Michigan scenes from various trips I’ve taken over the years…


Waugoshance Point as viewed from Wilderness State Park about 10 miles west of Mackinaw City, MI.


Me at Waugoshance Point just before sunset


Lake MI beach near McGulpin Point, west of Mackinaw City


Lake Michigan, unknown location


Mears State Park in Pentwater, MI – right after a violent thunderstorm


Petersen Park in Northport, MI


I can’t tell you how many drinks I’ve consumed watching views such as this one – location unknown.




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