(UPDATED April 14, 2019) Lake Superior – The Best Great Lake Of Them All…

This is one of a series of photo blogs I’m doing about Michigan’s Great Lakes…

Update, here’s a recent story about the awesomeness of Lake Superior:

I’ve lived in Michigan all of my life, so I’ve had plenty of chances to explore both the inland lakes – and the Great Lakes that border Michigan. I got to see Lake Superior – aka “Gitche Gumee” – for the first time in 1978, when I was about 6. And being the taskmaster that my mom is, she put my brother and I to work collecting rocks!


Me (aka blonde Wednesday Addams, LOL) and my brother wearing oversized shirts filled with rocks! Whitefish Point, north of Paradise, MI. The scabs on my face are from a bicycle accident where I attempted to do a “wheelie” and flew over my handlebars (no I wasn’t wearing a helmet because it was the ’70s).

Lake Superior isn’t the best lake in the world if you’re really into swimming. Even in the summer months, she can still be too frigid for THAT! Got wetsuit?  And if you’re a “white sand beach” kind of person? Well, a good deal of Lake Superior beaches are going to be more rocky than sandy! So why do I like Lake Superior the best? Because of her…aloofness – her coldness – her moods. She could be calm and as reflective as a mirror on one day – and churning up waves powerful enough to cause property damage that same night.  She’s a lake that can take down a freighter without batting an eye – and hang onto that freighter forever in her depths. She’s a lake to be feared, yet is absolutely beautiful to behold. She’s like a gorgeous, yet supremely powerful woman (most likely a witch of some sort) with icy blue eyes and jet black hair. Admire her – drool over her all you like – but you know you will never get to “really”  control her – let alone have her! She won’t do what you want her to do. She’s unpredictable – she’s a force of nature and you will submit to HER will. Which makes you love her all the more. That pretty much sums up Lake Superior!

I bore witness to one of Gitche Gumee’s worst moods in 2007, when we took a trip to the Porcupine Mountains State Park. We’d rented a cabin for two nights – and that first night, “Lady Superior” pretty much decided that we were going to stay inside the cabin for the evening! She was in a super bitchy mood – and didn’t want anyone coming near her!

Now for some more photos of “Lady Superior:”


Me and Lake Superior in 2011 – both of us were in calm, happy moods! Brimley State Park, west of Sault Ste. Marie, MI.


Lake Superior in a slightly frisky mood – Grand Marais, MI.


Another Grand Marais scene


Me at Whitefish Point, 2015. Freighter spotting! One of my favorite hobbies…


Another Whitefish Point scene. Interested in shipwrecks? Love scale models of boats? This is where you want to be, baby!


A scene near Paradise, MI in 2009. A rare sunrise viewing!


Hunter’s Point, near Copper Harbor, MI (on the tip of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula). There really is no farther “Up North” to go in Michigan unless you visit Isle Royale National Park!


A scene of Lake Superior from Grand Island, near Munising, MI. This is one of my favorite Lake Superior scenes! And I want to go back to Grand Island and rent its rustic cabin!


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