No Finals Spot For Us Today…

We got the final question right today – but didn’t wager on it. When you’re a “guest” of another team, sometimes you gotta abide by their policies, not yours. And their “policy” is to not wager on final answers unless you’re 100 percent balls on sure of the answer. No big…

In good news, this leaves the weekend of August 9 open should we want to have a “do-over” of our recent doomed camping trip! Sure, there are probably teams that need players for that weekend and if I have no better offers…I’ll consider sitting in with another team! But not too seriously.

If it were my own team not advancing today, I would obviously be much, much more bummed.

Still a fun game overall, I’ll have a recap of that game coming…soon! Want to get it in the “can” before I go out for some all-day happy hour drinks at Aubree’s on this lovely summer day!

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