(UPDATED) Trivia Recap – July 27, 2019 – MTL Semifinals

You blog readers are way too quick for me! Someone already clicked on this before I had a chance to add the answers in the comments. 

A couple of Squirrels, a Cephalopod and a longtime player from More Beer Less Pants joined forces in a My Trivia Live semifinal game today at Walter’s Bar in Romulus. Without burying the lede, we didn’t win a spot in the Aug. 10 finals championship (we got the final question correct but were not confident enough to wager on it). Teams advancing at our bar included Keerok, Too Many Ringers, Mocat, Real McCoys and We have Vaguely Exact Idea. Teams advancing from McShane’s today included Better Late Than Pregnant, 4C, and King Cobra.

And here are the questions, which will be heavily abbreviated…if anyone who was present at the game would like to clarify them further, please indicate so in the comments! My focus today was on answering the questions – not writing them all down word for word.

Round One

1. Measurements – In alcohol measurements, a fifth is a fifth of what measure? 5

2. Rock Bands – Brett Michaels has been the lead singer of what rock band since 1983? 3

3. Books to Movies – The Fantastic Beasts book which was adapted into a 2018 movie was written by what author? 1

Round Two

1. Events – Which national event has hired comedy writers to write sample sentences in recent years? There was more to this question, got it for 1.

2. ’80s TV – What 1980s sitcom featured a young girl raised by a foster father named Henry? 5

3. Phrases – What two months of the year are referenced when referring to a romance with a wide spread of ages between the two people? Funny, I watched a movie with just this kind of romance in it last night, 3.

Round Three

1. Actors – Before becoming an actor who appeared in Reservoir Dogs and Con Air, who worked as a New York City firefighter – recently being honored as a batallion chief in 2014? 5

2. U.S. Geography – What is the name of the peninsula encompassing Delaware, the eastern shores of Maryland and Virginia? No idea, miss for 1.

3. Spinoffs – In the short-lived spin-off to the Golden Girls debuting in 1992, what kind of establishment is the Golden Palace? Miss for 3.

Halftime – Can You Beat James?
Identify the correct answer to the following questions recent Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer missed on Jeopardy.

H1 – Movie described by Direct TV as two men, a boxer and a crime boss meeting their fate over a period of a couple of days

H2 – In 1966, what “rupture proof” modern auto safety feature was made mandatory by President Lyndon Johnson – in addition to safety belts

H3 – The Montreaux Jazz Festival might show you smoke on the water of the shores of what Swiss Lake

H4 – Frank O’Hara’s most famous poem The Day The Lady Died is about the 1959 death of what jazz singer

Missed #2 (stumped a good number of other teams).

Halftime Scores:

Hooligans 28; Mocat, 28; Squirrels, 29; Cleanup on Aisle 10, Brand X, 32; Too Many Ringers, 32; Real McCoys, 33; Keerok and  Vaguely Exact Idea, 37.

Round Four

1. Netflix – With more than 40 million accounts checking it out, the third season of what original series recently broke records for film and TV viewership in the first four days? 6

2. Detective Fiction – Later adapted into a series of successful films in the 1930s, what book series featured the husband and wife team of Nick and Nora Charles? 2

3. Presidents – Who was president on the day Abraham Lincoln was born 4

Round Five

1. Mythology – Which Greek mythological character whose names means “to protect” is featured on Sicily’s flag? Miss for 2.

2. Money Math – If Dolly Parton worked from 9 to 5 today for the current federal minimum wage, how much would she make in a day excluding deductions? 6

3. Golf – Which Olympian holds the record for the longest putt and 159 feet which occurred during the 2012 Alfred Dunhill Links Championship? Miss for 4.

Round Six

1. Song Lyrics – According to Hall and Oates’ Kiss on My List, the song title’s list is comprised of what?? 6

2. Disney – In a 2013 interview, what former child star confirmed that her body was used as the model for Ariel in The Little Mermaid? We put a child actress whose body was used as the ACTION model (so aside from that pesky 2013 interview clue our answer wasn’t TECHNICALLY wrong), miss for 4.


We put down Sherri Stoner as our answer. To Gen X folks, she might be better known for playing this character below:


Slappy Squirrel on Animaniacs (my spirit animal lol)!

3. Numbers – What is the most common number to come up when rolling two standard dice? 2.

Scores heading into the final:

Mocat, 44; Too Many Ringers, 46; Hooligans, 48; Real McCoys, 53; Squirrels, 55; Cleanup on Aisle 10, 58; Brand X, 58; Vaguely Exact Idea, 63 and Keerok, 68.

Final Category – Cereal Mascots

Snap, Crackle and Pop – the mascots for Rice Krispies cereal – were briefly joined by what fourth mascot in the 1950s whose name is also an onomatopaeic word – which was intended to highlight the strength of whole grain rice and the quality the character held?

Got it, but didn’t wager…

Teams advancing were Keerok, Too Many Ringers, Mocat, Real McCoys and We have Vaguely Exact Idea.

My own team will be back at it Monday at Sticks. As always, Go Pods – Go Squirrels – Go More Beer Less Pants – and stay classy, George Gaynes!




One thought on “(UPDATED) Trivia Recap – July 27, 2019 – MTL Semifinals

  1. round one
    1. gallon
    2. poison
    3. jk rowling
    round two
    1. national spelling bee
    2. punky brewster
    3. may december
    round three
    1. steve buscemi
    2. delmarva
    3. hotel
    halftime –
    pulp fiction, gas tanks, geneva, billie holliday
    Round four
    1. stranger things
    2. thin man
    3. medus
    round 5
    2. $58
    3. michael phelps
    round 6
    1. the best things in life
    2. alyssa milano
    3. 7
    final answer: pop

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