What Blogs Are On The Horizon This Week?

My loyal blog followers have probably already figured out that Monday is my LEAST favorite day of the week! It’s also the day of the week I tend to feel the least inspired to do any real “blogging” – especially in the afternoon after I get home from work.


Lake Michigan view from just north of Pentwater, MI.

I have Tuesday off from work, and I will be posting a recap of tonight’s trivia game at Sticks. If you want to read a “rerun” from about two years ago, click here.

I’ll also be doing some kind of “Pentwater” blog to commemorate going back to the small Michigan village five years later. My husband and I will be visiting Pentwater next weekend for our 22nd anniversary, and staying in a pop-up camper at Mears State Park for two nights. Five years ago, we visited Pentwater for the first time and stayed for about three nights while friends of ours were getting married a little north of Pentwater at a beach house. We’re looking forward to having “just us” time in Pentwater! While we enjoyed being with our friends for those couple of days for the wedding – there is something to be said for “just the two of us” hanging out by a camp fire, ogling a sunset and oohing/aahing over an obscenely cute critter running around.

So what did we do for our anniversary in 2018? Apparently, a good number of of you already know the answer to that question! But if you don’t – read about that here. This blog – chronicling our trip to a rustic cabin at Cheboygan State Park in May, 2018 – has 130 all-time views and is my third most viewed blog of all time. A trivia tournament was going on the same day, and we couldn’t have been more happy to NOT be at this tournament! When we failed to qualify for finals by missing a question about an obscure British female serial killer, we were actually kind of…relieved! Had we attended the tournament, we would have wound up arriving at the cabin when it was getting dark – and would not have had as much “daylight time” to enjoy stunning Lake Huron views, such as this one:


Still life with the 14 Foot Shoals light – and a freighter! Freighter spotting is one of my absolute favorite ways to relax in a “Great Lakes” context (right up there with agate hunting).


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