Had A Nice Time With Mom Today…

My  tablet  is  not  letting me upload  pics  of the delish jumbo  cupcakes  I  bought  for mama and family  today. Key lime, coconut  frosting/white  cake and chocolate/peanut  butter. I consulted  Kim  about  where  I could  find best  cupcakes  in  Canton, MI (nothing  great  in Ypsilanti  and I didn’t  want  to  drive  to  Ann Arbor). She  recommended  Holiday  Market  and  her  opinion  was spot-on!

Tolkien  was  a very…emotional  movie! Saw  trailer  for  movie  about  a die hard Springsteen  fan that  looked  kind  of  cute!

Who  can  name  the Bruce song made popular  by  the  Manfred  Mann Earth Band? Also  the  title  of this film.


All I’m  posting  for  now!

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