You Might Be A History/Presidents Nerd If…

You  learn  a friend  will  be visiting  Vermont for  a  dog  show and you  send them links  to  historic  sites  for  birthplaces for Chester  Arthur  -and  Calvin  Coolidge. I  don’t  even  CARE that  both  presidents  answered  to  the  nickmame “His Accidency” for having  taken  office  because  another  president  died. All that  matters  to me is that  they  were  both  born  in Vermont! Can you  name  both presidents  Arthur  and Coolidge replaced?


Calvin  Coolidge, 30th US President, was born in Plymouth Notch, VT. Wonder  if  he  spoke  any French?

“If you  happen  to  be  in  the  neighborhood, could  you  bring  back a souvenir  pen for me?”

A blog idea  I  floated  doing  a  while  back  involved  listing  every  US president and stating  how  much  I’d  be willing  to  pay  to  visit their  birthplaces/boyhood  homes. I  visited  Woodrow  Wilson’s  birthplace  in  Staunton, VA in 2017. But only  ventured  into  the  gift shop.


$14 admission?  Way  too much, Woodrow  Wilson ( though  your  souvenir  pens  with  your  signature  on  them  were  pretty metal)! I’d  pay   $25 for you, FDR! Andrew  Johnson? You’d  have  to pay ME!


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