Is Michael Jackson Being Erased From History?

The powers that be are officially pulling an episode of The Simpsons. It’s a season 3 episode that featured Michael Jackson (though he was not credited under his real name). You can read more about that in this article.


Aside from Michael Jackson’s uncredited appearance in the season 3 Simpsons episode Stark Raving Dad, there were also some very funny bits about conformity, among other things. Everyone lost their shit when Homer wore a pink shirt to work…

It sounds as if this decision was triggered by the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland and the ongoing allegations of sexual abuse perpetrated by Michael Jackson. HBO is being sued by the Jackson estate.

It doesn’t just stop here…the BBC is also not playing any of Michael Jackson’s songs on the radio, which you can read about here.

Is virtually erasing maligned public figures from the historical record going to become a “thing?” Laura Ingalls Wilder had a book award named for her renamed because of allegations her books were racist against Native Americans. Are we going to posthumously strip Michael Jackson of his Grammy Awards, too?

From what I’ve read about Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson was definitely guilty of molesting countless boys. Maybe had he not been rich enough to settle out of court for those allegations while he was alive, it would not be necessary to “posthumously” punish the man (and his estate).

What Michael Jackson did was… horrible. I’m not questioning that. What I’m questioning is the value of banning airplay of his songs – and pulling one of the funniest Simpsons episodes ever made (which I have on DVD). Sometimes the attempt to be politically correct just goes a bit too far.

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