Ducks, And Geese and Squirrels Better Scurry…When I Whip Out My Camera In A Hurry…

Some of you readers whom are into musical theater at all might recognize the words in this blog header as being reminiscent of lyrics from Oklahoma!

Great Performances

Doesn’t everyone just seem so happy when they’re in a musical theater production? Here’s Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma! A far cry from his more brooding take on Wolverine, eh? I read somewhere that it actually took him quite a bit of effort to get into his Wolverine character, since he’s kind of a “chipper” guy (if I only had that problem, LOL).

Well, I was almost – but not QUITE as happy as a character in a musical theater production today! Why? Because I live in Michigan – it’s winter – AND I WENT OUT FOR A WALK TODAY WITHOUT A COAT! Pictures or it didn’t happen? OK!


Me on the banks of the Huron River in Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park. Note the lack of coat!

I have had kind of a…rough past several days. Let’s just say I really needed the fresh air, sunshine and the opportunity to be a “shutterbug” whenever animals were doing things that were really cute! Today, a squirrel was more than happy to oblige…


This squirrel was almost peppy enough to be able to audition for Oklahoma! But can it sing…and dance?  Oh dear lord…LOOK AT THOSE PAWS! And that tail!

Today’s walk was about 80 minutes in duration, unsure about the miles covered. Honestly, I don’t even care! I felt like a dog off leash today…a bear just out of hibernation…why, I was almost as peppy as this adorable squirrel (meh, I’m not gonna push my luck)!

Some ducks in an open area of water were absolutely losing their shit with glee! One of them just kept doing somersaults in the water…over and over again. There seemed to be a bit of “squabbling,” too. Mating season? Could views of ducklings be in my future? In the card game Gloom, “delighted by ducklings” is a positive modifying card you can play on your opponents (in the game, the goal is to heap as much misery on your families until they are killed off and keep your opponent’s families alive). To learn more about that game, click here…

Here’s a pic of some ducks that were “delighting” me today (believe me…I needed all of the positive modifiers I could get today)!


Those ducks seemed so happy to be swimming!
There were also plenty of “fake” animals to see today, too…





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