(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – March 8, 2019 – Original Gravity

Answers in the comments.

There were lighter crowds than usual Thursday for the trivia night at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan, MI. Were some people down in “The Big Easy” celebrating Mardi Gras? Doubtful. I did see signs on my way into town advertising Mary  Poppins being performed onstage at Milan High School.  Toward the end of the trivia show, the trivia host Lauren speculated that maybe that was what was luring people away from trivia night. In a small town like Milan, that could’ve very well been the case! Small town bars like this are always kind of a “barometer,” in a way, as to what’s going on in the “outside world.” One time, there were an inordinate number of cyclists in there (there was some kind of brewery to brewery bike ride, and as memory serves, the A/C was struggling a bit on that hot summer night, as were the deodorant levels on some of the cyclists, LOL). Another night, a group of…very vocal (and inebriated) “hunting widows” was visiting the pub (one of them yelled “choke” while players were trying to answer a venue tournament final question…super classy). When my husband and I were in there on a Friday night to watch a band performing live in September, 2018; we saw a good number of folks wearing red and white regalia (they’d apparently stopped into the bar after a high school football game). Hey…I won’t complain about lighter crowds than usual at Original Gravity – it’s nice to be able to park in the lot and not on the streets!

Sadly, the lighter trivia crowds did not help improve our chances at winning prize money! Neither final question category was very favorable to us, but kudos to Evan anyway for putting forth a good effort on that MLB final question in game two (we wagered 20 on a sports final question…that should tell you something about how “ballsy” we felt on this trivia night)! Thursday’s game marked only the fourth “regulation” trivia game this year we’ve been shut out of prizes. Perhaps after having won a first place prize last Monday at Powell’s, we’ll have to chalk this prizeless night as a “worthy sacrifice.” Hitting the “reset” button (excuses, excuses)!

As a side note, this night marked the three year anniversary of Original Gravity offering trivia at this bar (give or take a couple of days or so). To read a recap of that debut game, click here.

And now…the questions!

Game One

1. U.S. Cities  – After New York city, which city, which is in the top 10 of the most populous cities in the United States, is located the farthest east? Miss for 3. Went with a lesser populated city located farther east.

2. Editing – Will Shortz holds a degree in enigmatology and is the editor of what daily feature in the New York Times? Evan for max points (10).

3. 2000s Movies – What 2006 film featured title character Allen Covert in addition to Nick Swardson, Linda Cardellini and Doris Roberts? Evan was all over this one (he could’ve almost rocked a solo game in game one), 9.


Scene from movie in question #3.

4. Words – What “r” word refers to a friendly, harmonious relationship characterized by mutual understanding, which makes communication easier? My first “hit” of the game, 8.

5. 2010s TV – Audio clip, which I can’t really describe – but we got this for 7.

6. Slogans – What American automobile brand has used the slogan “Life, Liberty and Pursuit?” All teams missed this, we missed for 2.

7. Documents – How many articles are in the U.S. Constitution? Miss for 1.

8. NBA Players – Name two of the three teams for which Steve Nash played during his career.  Name all three for a bonus point. Nice effort by Evan (got one team correct), but missed for 4.

9. Food – Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga are all types of caviar from what fish species? 6.

10. Grammy Awards – Who won the 2019 Grammy Award for best pop solo performance and also a Grammy for performing as part of a duo, sharing credit with Bradley Cooper? Thank the trivia gods or this softball, we had a five point slip remaining!

Mystery – Before and After

M1. Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for Aerosmith and band with hits including Just a Kiss and Need You Now

M2. Disney series debuting in 1990 based on a 1967 movie and an ABC sitcom set in an office and airing from 1996 to 2002

M3. Video game bundled with Super NES and game launched in 2004 that included seven expansion packs, including Legion (sorry, did not write down this question very well)

M4 – 2000 movie starring Martin Lawrence and 2005 film starring Elisha Cuthbert

Missed #4 (I think all teams missed this one).

Scores –

Ten teams, scores 23 to 54, with us and This Is Sparta tied for first.

Final category – Albums

We wagered zero on this…none of us felt confident.

The best-selling album in the U.S. by a duo, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, was released by whom?

Game winners: Ruff Riders, 58; This is Sparta, 64.

Game Two

1. Disasters (Evan laughed when I heard this as a category and said “yay I love disasters”) – What country experienced the greatest effects from 2011 underwater earthquakes resulting in the meltdown of three nuclear power plants – among other things? 10

2. Art – Pieta and David are the two best known sculptures by what Renaissance artist, who created both of these before he turned 30? Third question we’ve had about this artist in in the past few days…we’re going to become experts on this guy before long! 9

3. Bands – What American band’s highest-charting songs include All I Want, Walk on the Ocean and Fall Down? FB clue, 8

4. TV Debuts – Within one, in what year did all of these TV series debut? Twin Peaks, Tiny Toon Adventures and In Living Color? I handed in the slip and noticed that there was a word written on it and NOT a year, so I had to bring it back to the table (disaster averted)! 7


A parody of Twin Peaks from The Simpsons

5. Brothers – Jacob and Wilhelm were brothers who published short stores most notably under what last name?  6

6. Inventors – Whom is credited as “inventing” the 4-3 defense in the 1950s while working as a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants? We had two possibilities, one of which was correct – miss for 2. The guy we put was really, really close – he was the OFFENSIVE coordinator for that very same team).


We put down this guy instead of the correct guy for #6. I know nobody will believe me – but it was actually MY idea to put down this guy as our answer (who says I don’t know a couple of things about sports, LOL)?

7. Academy Awards – What 2019 film won the most Oscars out of all nominated films with four – including best sound mixing, best film editing, best sound editing and best actor? 5

8. World Cities – Name one of the next three most populous cities in Mexico after Mexico City – all of which are more populous than Juarez and Tijuana. Name both for a nerd bonus point. Nope for 1. Wonder if absent player Dave might’ve helped with this one (his ex-wife is from Mexico).

9. Numbers – Name either number on a standard dartboard located next to the number 20. Miss for 3 (it’s been WAY too long since any of has played any darts).

10. Outer Space – Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa are the four largest moons belonging to what planet? 4

Visual mystery –


Got all of these. The trivia host played a piece by the composer in #4. Was she giving a pre-emptive hint? Not gonna lie…I rather enjoyed hearing Moonlight Sonata on a trivia night (I am a strange creature)! Though it does  sound like it would be simple to play with its simplistic melody – it is a tough piece to play on a piano, mainly because of all of the accidentals. When it is done well – it’s…well, a masterpiece! Depeche Mode keyboardist Alan Wilder performed this piece as a “B” side on their 1988 Music for the Masses album…which should tell you something about the level of talent he brought to the group!


For some strange reason, the scene in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure when Beethoven is playing with keyboards in the music store really made me laugh! Especially when the store clerk asked him, “Are you a musician?” The look Beethoven shoots him is…priceless – though you have to wonder if Beethoven could actually hear the question being asked (he went deaf in his later years).

Scores: Nine teams – scores 32 to 59, with Mind the Gap in first. We were right behind them tied with Where’s Trey.

Final Category – MLB Players

Name three of the five active MLB players who have hit the most career regular season home runs.

Mike wanted to wager zero, but Evan and I felt like going for this (we guessed the top team would also wager it all and I had…a “hunch”  that they just might get it right). My hunch proved to be incorrect about them getting it right (though they did wager full points on it).

Name three of the five active MLB players who have hit the most career regular season home runs.

We came up with one correct player…miss.

Game winners: Turtle, Ruff Riders (did not ride down their scores).

Well, that’s it for this week’s “trivial pursuits!” We’re putting down Monday as a “strong maybe.” We do have $30 in prize money from last time…which means “maybe” could very well turn into “all signs point to yes!” Looking ahead to next week, a Wednesday game at Corner Brewery is also a strong “maybe!” If we can assemble enough players. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Napoleon!



One thought on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – March 8, 2019 – Original Gravity

  1. Game one
    1. Philadelphia
    2. crossword
    3. Grandma’s Boy
    4. rapport
    5. 30 Rock
    6. Cadillac
    7. 7
    8. Suns, Lakers and other team I didn’t write down
    9. sturgeon
    10. lady gaga

    m1 dude looks like a lady antebellum
    m2 tail spin city
    m3 super mario world of warcraft
    m4 big momma’s house of wax

    game one final: simon and garfunkel

    Game two
    1. Japan
    2. Michelangelo
    3. toad the wet sprocket
    4. 1990
    5. grimm
    6. tom landry
    7. bohemian rhapsody
    8. did not write all of these down…guadalajara one of them
    9. also did not write down…(sorry)
    10. Jupiter
    1. Marie Curie
    2. Napoleon
    3. jane goodall
    4. Beethoven
    Final answers:
    Albert Pujols
    Miguel Cabrera
    Edwin Encarnacion
    Nelson Cruz
    Jose Bautista

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