(STOLEN RECAP) – June 23, 2015 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: Recap of June, 2015 game at Powell’s Pub as documented by More Beer Less Pants. My guesses for correct answers will be indicated in this color.  
June 23, 2015Ypsilanti, MI

We took our usual Powell’s Pub duo out last night, to see what kind of trouble we could stir up with the My Trivia Live regulars. It’s been a while since we’ve been there, but Powell’s hasn’t changed in 20 years, so why would it now? Although we ended the night in first… first loser that is (2nd place), we were able to break up a team’s shot at the Powell’s/Roundtree progressive pot. The progressive pot goes to the team that wins consecutive shows at each location. This team had won last week at Powell’s and Roundtree, and needed a win at Powell’s again to get the pot.

1)On the Andy Griffith Show, who took care of Opie while Andy was at work?
– I had almost forgotten how much the MTL questions skewed to the older crowd. Almost.
2)What character did Bill Bixby portray on television, Eric Bana and Edward Norton on film?

Aunt Bea. 
3)In baseball, what position did Yogi Berra play for the majority of his career? Catcher? From his quotes, he would seem to be a lazier kind of fella. No idea. 
4)What singer’s two live albums are “Live Bullet” and “Nine Tonight”?
– Technically, this is a singer and band, not just a solo artist, but hey, we got it right anyway.

Bob Seger? No idea. 
5)In what 1968 film did Mia Farrow’s character give birth to Satan’s son? Rosemary’s Baby. 
6)What poker hand beats a three of a kind, but loses to a flush? Not my wheelhouse…
Bonus – Who is one of the two people to ever win the World Series of Poker Main Event three times? again…nope. 
– Nope and nope. WS of Poker? Is that still a thing?
7)What is the more common name for the “Word of Life” mosaic, located on the wall of the Heshburgh Library in South Bend, IN? Nope…
8)What country’s 2nd largest desert is called the Great Sandy Desert? Not winning points for creativity here…China? 
9)In 1996, when Chevy stopped making the Caprice Classic, what Ford model became the most widely used sedan for cabs in NYC? Crown Victoria. 

Halftime – Animated Movies
Name the actor/actress that voiced the following animated characters:
a)Genie from Aladdin Robin Williams. 
b)Sully from Monsters, Inc. John Goodman. 
c)Master Tigress from Kung Fu Panda Angelina Jolie? 
d)Susan Murphy from Monsters vs. Aliens Reese Witherspoon

At halftime we sat 2nd place, 6 points down from 1st, after missing the halftime bonus and poker questions. The team in first was the team going for the progressive pot.

10)Although nominated in 1942 and 1945, who won his only Oscar as an honorary award in 1970: Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart or John Wayne?
11)Who began singing with Bobby Hatfield in 1962, to form the Righteous Brothers? Bill Medley? Where’s my dad when I need him? 
12)What country is 5th largest in both area and population? I’m guessing Brazil. 
13)In what 1954 Hitchcock film did Jimmy Stewart co-star with Grace Kelly?
– Ouch! Got our Hitchcock actors/films mixed up. Luckily it was for minimal points. Suspicion? No idea. Not a Hitchcock kind of gal…
14)“Remember the Maine” was a catch phrase and catalyst for which war?
– Ah yes, nothing like a good softball to right the ship.


15)For which team did Rosie Grier play in the 1960’s? No idea. 

The host at Powell’s now asks a random “closest to the pin” question for the right to pick the U-Pick question: Snake Venom, brewed in Scotland, is the world’s strongest beer. What is the alcohol by volume of Snake Venom beer?

I would guess 18 percent. 

16)U-Pick – Because it is the most used letter in the English alphabet, what letter is represented by a single dot in Morse code? E
17)What Cheers character played mob boss Tommy Como in the film Raging Bull?
– We love Cheers questions, although this is more of a Raging Bull question. I dunno. that guy who played Norm? George Wendt? Ah, no it’s that other guy I just read about in the last recap…
18)In what mountain range did Rip VanWinkle take a 20 year nap?


Going into the final, we were still tied for second, still down 6 points to the top team looking for that progressive.

Final – Holidays
What chocolate company created the first known heart-shaped candy box for Valentines Day in 1891?

After much debate and an uncertain wager we turned our answer in. The first place team also took the entire time to turn in an answer. Except we were correct for minimal points and they evidently got it wrong. Another team got it right and leap-frogged us. Two teams tied for 3rd and had to answer this tie breaker about Artists:

In what year was Leonardo DiVinci born?

Not even close if we had to break the tie, so it’s good we didn’t need it!

Next week we (the authors of this page) will be back to playing the Sporcle Live Pub Champions League. We haven’t determined our venue, but it will likely be on a Tuesday. Until then, we will see some of you on Sunday, and don’t forget to FEAR THE BEER.

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