(STOLEN RECAP) – Trivia Recap – July 23, 2014 – Powell’s Pub (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a 2014 trivia game at Powell’s Pub as written by the team More Beer Less Pants. I’m going to “play along” to see how I do on these questions! My game commentary/answers will be in this color

The MBLP trio hit Powell’s on Monday for the 3rd week in a row. Not a stellar night for us, but we did still go home with some winnings. It just wasn’t the amount we were used to. It was a weird mix of softball questions followed by WTF questions.

1) Wet chemical, dry powder, CO2 and foam are all types of what home safety product? Insulation 
2) Da Nang International Airport is located in what Asian country? Vietnam
3) Manchego is what type of foodstuff? Cheese
-This was our first miss of the night. No one knew it and some called “shenanigans”, but one team vetoed the call for a new question and we moved on.
4) What city is the capital of Illinois? Springfield
5) In November 1992, a catastrophic fire broke out in what British castle resulting in £36.5 million in damage? Windsor Castle (I learned that by watching Animaniacs, believe it or not). 
6a) Which Asian country hosted the 1998 winter Olympics? Japan (really, what other country would it be)
6b) In what year did Tiger Woods make his debut on the PGA tour? No idea.
-We missed the bonus by 1 year, so we lost points on the Olympics question, even though we had the correct answer. Gutsy move didn’t pay off for us that night.
7) Who became the first black president of South Africa in 1994? Really? REALLY? Mandela.
-Yes, this was a real question, and was the first question in a new round. Maximum points for everyone.
8) Riff, Bernardo and Joy Boy are characters in what musical? West Side Story
-Glad “6th Man” was here for this one. The rest of us were clueless.
9) What is the name of Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in the film Shallow Hal?
– Uh… what? Yeah, ditto that for me! 

Halftime Duets – Name the second person in the duet, based on song title and singer’s name:
A) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Elton John and who? Kiki Dee
B) The Next Time I Fall, Peter Cetera and who? Amy Grant
C) Easy Lover, Philip Bailey and who? Phil Collins
D) One That I Want, John Travolta and who? Olivia Newton John

Missed B, and we’re not upset about that. Tied for 1st at halftime.

(yay I would have known all of these, now to travel back in time so I can actually sign in and play at this game, LOL)! 


10) What is the first name of Mr. Ryder, the founder of the Ryder Cup tournament: Sidney, Charles or Samuel? No idea, but this was newsletter clue so I wouldn’t HAVE to know it.
11) If someone’s birthday is November 1, what is their Zodiac sign? Scorpio (I know because Brad is a Scorpio and his birthday is two days  before this)
-Zodiac and birthstones are just things we never seem to remember. Lucky for us, one of our spouses has a birthday in November.
12) In what province will you find the capital city of Canada? Ontario
13) Every month that contains a Friday the 13th begins on what day of the week? This is kind of question I lean on Mike for…

All was well at this point…. then the wheels fell off the bus.
14) What was Will’s last name on the show Will & Grace? Nope.
– No clue here.
15) The “Battle of the Ages” in April 1991 was a fight between George Foreman and who?
– We were torn about what direction to go with this, based on the clue in the question, we picked the wrong way. Nope for me.
16) What Looney Tunes character made their debut in April 1937?
– One team got this one right. Not sure if it was a lucky guess or what, but we had no idea.

YAY I KNEW THIS ONE! I knew it couldn’t be Bugs because it was too early, and this date is too late to be Porky. And seriously…what other major characters were there at this point? 
17) What fast food chain featured their mascot as a Pez dispenser in a 1999 ad campaign?
– Stupid mistake. Over thought it after having the correct answer. No clue for me here, I’m guessing Ronald McDonald? 
18) An antipyretic drug reduces what in humans? stomach acid? 
– At this point I think we basically had given up. When the correct answer was stated, we felt shame. It was also the first time in recent memory that we went 0 for 3 in a round.

Going into the final, we were tied for 4th, 5 points behind the lead team.

Final: Time Magazine
Who was the last 20th century US president to NOT be named Time’s Man of the Year?

We have studied that list a number of times, so this was a no-brainer for us. We moved up to a 2nd place tie.

This one would have been a stumper for me. 

Tiebreaker: What year did Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie release the song Endless Love? 1981, I am dead on balls sure (checks google) yay I’m right!

Unfortunately, we went a couple of years too early and lost the tie. Only $10 for us this week.

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