(STOLEN RECAP) – Trivia Recap – Dec. 2, 2014 – Maiz Mexican Cantina (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a 2014 trivia game written by a player on the team More Beer Less Pants, which is one my trivia team’s longtime “rivals.” Me and my team were not present for this game, and I’m going to put in my commentary/guesses for answers in this color. 

It was a moderately successful night for MBLP playing Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Sue at MAIZ Mexican Cantina. The seating arrangements are a bit weird at this place, since the servers don’t seem to know where to seat people in relation to the trivia host location. At the beginning of the night, the seating around Rachel was packed, but by the mystery round in game 1, she was sitting all alone. Evidently they sat all of the trivia players in the middle/back of the restaurant but she was sitting up front. Hopefully they will get that cleared up soon. Rachel – If you’re reading this – our preference is the location you set up in week 1. Since you were up high, you could see most of the floor without having to walk around AND it’s near the bar, which is were we like to sit.

Anyway, on to the game:

Game 1
1)What brand name clothing line used the ad slogan, “Nothing comes between me and my _______.”? Calvins.
This was a perfect case of knowing too much for our own good. We had the correct answer written down for 10, but as it was being walked up we thought about another clothing company that used the same spokesperson. That’s when we got confused, changed the answer and lowered the points to 2. Bad decision, as this was our only miss for the rest of the regular round.

2)Within in 1 year, how old was Drew Barrymore when ET was released in 1982? Seven 

3)Fred Biletnikoff, Marcus Allen and Jim Plunkett all won the Superbowl MVP award playing for what team? This is why I have teammates (they will occasionally know answers such as these).

4)Hosted by Samantha Brown, “Passport to Europe” and “Passport to Latin America” originally aired on what cable network? Huh? 

5)Which president, whose likeness is on Mt. Rushmore, had the longest lifespan?
Nerd Bonus – Which one had the shortest lifespan? I “declare” that I know this answer…
We know our presidents, as long as it isn’t Chester Arthur….

6)Which member was the “L” in the musical group TLC? Left eye (and this exhausts all of my knowledge of this group other than they have a dead band member). 

7)What real-life Illinois city was the home to Wayne & Garth from “Wayne’s World”? Aurora

8)A hematologist specializes in diseases affecting what part of the body? Blood

9)Finish the last five words to final line of the 1888 poem “Casey at the Bat”: But there was no joy in Mudville, ___” This is a “Bradagory.” 

10)Persian is an official language in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and what other country? Iran.

Mystery – Audio. Name the band based on a number of 1-second audio clips. As Matt from Spaceballs: The Trivia Team pointed out, this round was similar to a radio call-in contest for concert tickets. We got all 4, as they were fairly easy to pick out from some of the iconic songs used. No way to answer this…

Going into the final, we had only missed the 2-point debacle at the beginning and held a 1-point lead. Then we were thrown another “put these in order” questions. To whom it may concern: please stop putting these in on a nightly basis. I realize that you want the newbies to have a chance against the regular teams (aka blind squirrel finds a nut), but to have one of these every Monday for 3 weeks in a row is getting ridiculous.

Final – Board Games
Put these in order from most to least:
a)Number of murder weapons in a standard version of Clue
b)Number of US states that appear on a standard Monopoly board
c)Number of columns in Connect 4
d)Number of ships, per player, in Battleship

Nope… we knew B and C, but flipped the other two. But we still came in 2nd for $10.

YIKES! Unsure if my teammates would even be able to help with this one! 

Game 2
1)Airing in 1983, “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen” is the title of the final episode of what long-running TV series? M.A.S.H., any self-respecting Gen-X kid should know this one.

2)What Japanese company trades under the ticker symbol CAJ? Stock symbols NOT my wheelhouse…

3)Soccer star Lionel Messi plays international games for what South American country?
Oddly enough, this sports question was a social. Funny how the soccer questions are the only sports questions that most trivia players know. Argentina.

4)What Academy Award winning actor directed the 1995 film “Dead Man Walking”? He did not appear in the film, but was in a long-term relationship with of of the stars.
I’m not sure we would have gotten this without the clue. Was this clue standard across all regions? Tim Robbins. 

5)What two elements make up the majority of the Sun? This is another reason I have teammates, Mike and Brad would probably know this.

6)What kind of animal was Laika, the first animal to orbit the Earth? Know this from a previous game, woof-woof! Want a tearjerker story? One of the scientists played with this animal on its last night on earth – which I also did with a cat that my parents wound up having to put down. Here’s a pic of that cat:


7)To the nearest whole percent, within 5%, Russia makes up how much of the Earth’s total land area? I’m not even going to TRY to guess this one…

8)What band released the single “Everybody wants to rule the world” in 1985?
Nerd bonus – Name the album from which it came. Tears for Fears Songs from the Big Chair. 

9)Which of the following desserts is NOT lit on fire:
Peach Melba, Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee or Crepes Suzette? Crepes Suzette. 
Oops, we should have slowed down a bit before submitting the answer. Our only miss of this round, for 3.

10)What word is the name for a religious traveler or a person that established the first permanent New England colony in 1620? Pilgrim. 

Mystery – Name the L countries on the map.
Geography questions=easy points for MBLP


Brainfarted on #2 (though pretty sure Mike or Brad would know) – Laos, Libya, Lithuania. Dammit, it’s Lebanon (and yes, Mike and Brad would definitely know that). 

Going into the final, we were tied for 2nd place with 61 points, one point behind the leader.

Final – TV/Movie Stars
What 2005 film featured 6 actors or actresses who had also had starring roles in the US television version of “The Office”?

Jesus, all I can think of is 40 year old Virgin…which I “think” is right – On the imdb page I see Michael Scott, that secretary from the office, phyllis, Mindy Kaling….this has GOT to be right…

That’s another $15 for MBLP. With 126 points, we made up a little ground on the Single Venue leaders from Chicago, and added to our lead in the New Venue pool.

Sporcle Live teams, let us re-introduce ourselves…. And don’t forget to FEAR THE BEER!

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