Could a Chick Inn Shake Be In My Future?

I am not gonna lie. Dentists terrify me. When I was 4, my mom was getting  a wisdom tooth pulled and precocious  li’l me was in the waiting room. Probably  leafing  through  a Highlights  magazine ( I was a young  reader). All good, right? Wrong! I heard my mama crying  out in pain!

I ran right to the room where my mother was – and demanded “What are you DOING to my mom?”

I’m  sure Mom was pretty proud of me! Not surprising, I’m  still terrified  of dentists. No matter how nice they are. And I’m  terrified to get a tooth pulled Friday.

I told my husband he could bring  me a Wendy’s  Frosty later in the evening. Nice brain and gum freezy goodness? Soft foods only? Bad  thing is, we don’t  have a Wendy’s  really  close  to where we live. Close, but  not  close  enough. I thought  for a second…

“How about the Chick Inn, then?” It’s  right up the road – and they have banana, chocolate  and  strawberry  shakes (you can even mix ’em). Buy local? He said yes, he would do a “Chick Inn” run for me. YESSS!


I’m  already dreading  Friday  a little bit less! I will take a strawberry  shake, thank you! And I will eat  it with a spoon (no straws right after oral surgeries).

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