Sporcle Live 2019 Begins Tonight! For My Team, Anyway…

Tonight’s the night! Well, Tuesday was supposed to be the night, but a toothache decided to ruin that trivia night (you win this round, toothache – but listen up, tooth – your days are numbered)! We’ll be making our “debut” in the new Sporcle Live season tonight at Original Gravity Brewing Co., a place we haven’t visited since the venue tournament in mid November. We’re going to be flying a bit casually in this coming trivia season, and not concerning ourselves with playing at any one spot week after week. Spots we plan to be visiting include Tower Inn, Original Gravity, Oscar’s, and maybe even VERY occasionally….Corner Brewery. We’ll be focusing on playing in just the Sporcle Live league for the time being. We just don’t have the “troops” to be in contention in more than one trivia league without spreading ourselves too thin.


The “One Ring” had some gnarly effects on its owners!

It might be a good thing to be thinner in this “new year’s resolution” season, but I’m not interested in trivia nights being any more than a fun night to have some beers with friends – and possibly win prizes. Is my team now a “kinder, gentler” ‘Pods? Perhaps! But not really – there’s nothing “kind and gentle” about us! We’ve taken trivia quite seriously for almost seven years now (our “birthday” is Feb. 13, which gives you plenty of time to order presents for us, LOL). It’s high time we play just for the love of the game. And of course…prize money! To do anything less would be… undignified! Doesn’t that sound like a commercial slogan? I am totally picturing Orson Welles or John Houseman saying this! Jesus, I am SO sure this was a commercial slogan, I just can’t think of what it was for…


John Houseman as a driving instructor in The Naked Gun.

I am very much looking forward to getting out and playing some trivia tonight. I’ve been a bit…cooped up, as of late – and will keep that “cooped up” streak alive the next couple of nights as I recover from oral surgery! Oh joy…I can hardly WAIT to have a tooth ripped from my face! That was total sarcasm, BTW!

I’m going to TRY to get the recap of tonight’s game written tonight. You blog readers will be the first to be able to see it (aren’t you privileged)? But it won’t post until after 2 a.m. or so (I wouldn’t want any west coast teams to get any lifelines – I’m not THAT kind and gentle).

Laundry needs my attention…over ‘n out!

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