Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale – Always a “Best Buy”

I haven’t done a beer blog in a while, which is interesting because this blog site actually started as a “beer blog!” I’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to a beer that is popular in the state of Michigan – and that is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. Its name is derived from the Two Hearted River, which is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


If you want to check out the pretty mouth of the Two Hearted River, it will require a trek on  miles and miles of gravel roads…

Two Hearted Ale is not a beer I drink all of the time, and it’s not a “go to beer” when I’m doing a beer run. But it’s a great “default” beer. Let’s say you’re perusing a list of beers at a bar or restaurant, and don’t really want to take the time to decide which one you want – let alone inquire about what style the beer is, which brewery makes it, etc. Chances are, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale will be available on tap at the bar you’re visiting (it’s a pretty common one for Michigan bars to have on draft). Don’t feel like thinking about what to drink? Worried that what you pick might be too expensive – or won’t pack the punch you need to get a bit of a buzz? Recent case in point was when my husband and I visited Maiz, a Mexican joint in Ypsilanti Saturday night. We arrived for its late night happy hour right before last call, so we didn’t have much time to read through the entire beer list on their fancy beer board (projected on a TV) and pick which one we wanted. But when I saw that Two Hearted was on the list, I ordered one. And my husband ordered one too. The two 22-ounce mugs cost just a bit more than $8.

That’s how Two Hearted Ale never disappoints! It’s never overpriced, and at 7 percent ABV, it will give you that “bit” of a buzz you want, without leaving you horizontal if you have one too many. It’s an IPA, so it’s a bit on the hoppy side (if you’re a die hard lager aficionado, this might not be the beer for you). But if you don’t mind drinking beers that make you “think” a bit every now and then (which is how I describe hoppy, flavorful beers), look no further than Bell’s Two Hearted Ale!


A Reddit user shared this photo of Two Hearted beer on the shores of the Two Hearted River.

It’s a great conversation starter, too! You might already know that the Two Hearted River was one of the areas mentioned in early works by author Ernest Hemingway, who spent some of his summers as a kid in Northern MI and the U.P. of Michigan. What better way to embrace Hemingway’s adventurous spirit than to drink a beer named for a place he loved? Sure, it MIGHT be more adventurous to embrace Hemingway’s spirit to go big game hunting, but isn’t it much easier – and cheaper – to just drink a beer?


Wouldn’t you like to go back in time to have a drink with Ernest aka “Papa” Hemingway? Be careful – he’d probably drink you under the table – and be sure to write about it in his next book!

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