“Bizarro” Peggy Bundy Adventures – Part Deux

As per Newton’s Law, once a body gets into motion, it stays in motion. Or something like that. Saturday, I started tackling some gnarly cleaning tasks that had been neglected for a bit too long. I cleaned out the super gross microwave, cleaned the bathroom, did some vacuuming, did all of the dishes and cleaned the stove top. Just as a follow-up to those who read the first “I cleaned my house” blog, the Soft Scrub cleanser DID work pretty well on cleaning my cook top stove! However, there were some things that needed a bit more “abrasiveness,” so I also used this:


This stuff is cheap – and great for cleaning sinks and for providing just a bit of “abrasion” for some of those tasks that require elbow grease to get rid of “real” grease, such as on stove tops. It also does not give off any noxious fumes – I generally try to avoid harsh cleaning products that might make me pass out if I breathe them in! If you think I sound like a fan girl of this stuff, someone did a whole blog about it…

Today, I embarked on a “spelunking” adventure. Into my own refrigerator. Oh what moldy treasures I found, including a medium sized glass bowl I hadn’t seen in months. I didn’t do an “official” inventory, but there were about three small jars of pesto sauce, about a half dozen partial bottles of salad dressing, about four partial bottles of jalapeno/olive slices, and a few jars with jelly/jam remnants. Oh yes, and pickles. We will need to buy a new jar of pickles.


If only fridge spelunking were as fun as this! Me in the “Tall Man’s Agony” passage at Mammoth Cave National Park

Before I could officially begin my fridge spelunking adventure, I had to clean the shelves. Pre-moistened wipes worked fabulously. What wasn’t so fabulous was that because of where my fridge is positioned, I couldn’t slide out the shelves so I could clean them in the sink. So I put my nice lanky arms to good use and wiped ’em all down while the fridge was open. When you leave the doors open for too long, the fridge will make a beeping sound. Which is its polite way of saying this:


Pictures or it didn’t happen? Sorry, no “before” pics. Maybe some of you read my blogs while you’re eating, and I don’t want to gross y’all out! I did take some “after” pics, which actually makes the fridge look all sad and empty inside…


I still need to go through those jars/bottles on the bottom shelf (the lemonade and juice are fine). I am certain that the queso has…turned and the mayo is looking none too splendid, either.



LOOK AT ALL OF THAT ROOM FOR BEER! Who says cleaning the fridge isn’t a rewarding task?


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