These Are A Few Of Your Favorite Blogs (On This Blog Site)

What have been your favorite blogs to read on this site? Well, my “data analysts” tell me you like looking at recaps of past trivia games. A recap of a trivia game from April 19, 2017 is the most-viewed trivia recap of all time on this site at 134 views. This is a recap of a “league” game at the Wurst Bar, so it’s still interesting to me that this blog has gotten so many more all-time views than recaps of  tournament games. Speaking of those, a recap of a April 17, 2016 Sporcle Live League Championship game at 59 West is my fourth most-viewed blog of all time with 117 views.

My “numero uno” most-viewed blog of all time is one of the first blogs I posted on here about Michigan microbreweries. At the time, I fancied this blog site becoming a “beer blog,” but that, my dear readers, did NOT come to pass! That “beer blog” I wrote (which is very, very out of date) is still the most-viewed of all time at 157 views, though I don’t believe it’s been viewed much in the past couple of years. The focus of this site continues to be (drum roll) trivia – including trivia quizzes, trivia “study topics,”  recaps of games I’ve played and even blogs chronicling my own personal trials and tribulations involving my trivia team and its trivial pursuits. Speaking of “study topics,” I need to update my 2018 highest-grossing movies blog! I’ll try to do that before I go to my parents’ house today.

My Top Ten Blogs of All Time

  1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Michigan’s Microbrewery Universe, (opinion/beer blog) 157 views
  2. Trivia Recap, April 20, 2017 (Wurst Bar), 134 views
  3. State Borders Blog, (study topic) 118 views
  4. Trivia Recap, April 18, 2016 (Sporcle Live League Championship, 59 West), 117 views
  5. Dreamworks Movies Blog, (study topic) 91 views (new Dreamworks movie coming out in 2019…How To Train Your Dragon sequel)
  6. Trivia Recap, December 3, 2016 (Sporcle Live League Championship, 59 West)
  7. Cabin Trip blog (Cheboygan State Park May, 2018 – personal/travel/opinion piece), 74 views
  8. Best Singable ’80s Songs blog, (personal opinion piece) 53 views
  9. Cabin Trips Blog (roundup of cabin trips I’ve taken in MI state parks – personal/travel/opinion piece), 51 views
  10. What’s Up Doc (Doc Holliday blog – history/opinion piece), 44 views


The year 2018 has been a wild one for this blog! As of today, there have been 9,078 views of this site in 2018 compared to 3,432 in 2017 with this month being the biggest month for views for 2018 (more than 900 so far). What have been your favorite blogs to read on this site in 2018? Read on! Note, I will not include a link to the blog if it is also one of the most viewed blogs of all time since I included all of those links already). Let me a bit lazy on this Christmas day!

Top Ten Most-Viewed Blogs of 2018

  1. Dreamworks blog, 86 views
  2. States Borders Blog, 80 views
  3. Cheboygan State Park cabin trip blog, 74 views
  4. April 18, 2016 Trivia Recap (Sporcle Live League Championship), 64 views
  5. Cabin Trips Blog (Michigan State Parks), 48 views
  6. What’s Up Doc (Doc Holliday Blog), 44 views
  7. Fast Times at Miskatonic High (opinion/what if) Blog, 41 views (this one has become a “cult” favorite and continues to get new views every month)
  8. Trivia Recap, Dec. 3, 2016 (Sporcle Live League Championship, 59 West), 38 views
  9. New York City/Boroughs Blog, (study topic)/ (tie) Trivia Recap, ’80s Movies Theme Night, 36 views
  10. Trivia Recap, November 7, 2018 Tower Inn, 32 views.

Thanks, as always for stopping by! I’ll keep on writing…if YOU keep on reading! And again, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


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