Happy Christmas, Everyone! Also…A “Rerun” From About A Year Ago…

I was looking a list of blogs I’d posted in December, 2017 and I found this recap from Dec. 27 at the Wurst Bar. We wound up winning a tiebreaker for second based on my advanced placement knowledge involving celebrity deaths (LOL)! Also, it was apparently a tumultuous time for my trivia team! We were in the midst of having to find another trivia spot in which to play because of an “ultimatum” laid out to me by one of my players regarding transportation. We wound up switching from the Wurst Bar to Powell’s Pub, where we played for two seasons (and a portion of a third season).

In keeping with the adage, “The more things change, the more things stay the same,” there has been talk recently of “possibly” switching back to the Wurst Bar next MTL season. I’m not digging the vibe at this Canton place we’ve been playing, and I’m not sure it will work as a semifinal qualifying spot.  If nothing else, we’d at least be able to get three players at Wurst every week. The trivia teams that have finished in second place at this bar every season since we left have…not exactly been as “worthy adversaries” as we were for the top dog team called “Team Pants.” maybe the bar NEEDS us to come back? Why would we want to make things TOO easy for “Team Pants?” When we played at Wurst, our team and Team Pants kind of traded off being the “top” team at the bar for several seasons.

This, of course, begs the question – what is it about teams with the name “pants” in their name, anyway? Why do teams with the word “pants” in their names ALWAYS have to be our “team to beat?” Questions abound 😉

Could just be talk…but I am not going to rule out a possible move back to the “old” stomping grounds! Though…I wish they’d bring back “whiskey Wednesday.”

Speaking of Wednesday…could a Wednesday trivia game be possible this week? We’ll see…we’ll see!


I know the holidays can be a rough time of year for some people. But I sincerely hope that everyone finds at least ONE thing to make them smile today! Here’s a super tacky holiday display…

If you bothered to read this post until the very end…Merry Christmas to ya! If you don’t get any presents that you wanted today, hopefully someone else was delighted with a gift you picked out for them, and they’re not going to ask if you kept the receipt. Or hopefully you get a precious moment’s peace today to do something you enjoy (anything…I honestly don’t care what that is). Maybe a well-done holiday light display will strike your fancy, or an inflatable holiday display gone awry will make you chuckle. May SOMETHING bring you joy today! As for me? I just enjoyed hearing Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message on BBC America. I saw that the Queen was on TV, and I said, “Holy crap, why is the Queen on TV?” I asked Mike to turn it up (I was riveted by everything she had to say). That woman has a real magnetism about her! Charisma is off the charts! I don’t care if she was halfway through a bottle of gin when she filmed that message…I enjoyed hearing her speak!

That’s my hope for all of my loyal blog readers! Enjoy at least ONE thing about today!

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