A Christmas Prank – From Several States Away!

One of my friends on Facebook is a guy named Keith, whom is the youngest brother of my husband’s college friend Craig (who lives in South Carolina). A couple of days ago, Keith shared photos of some miniature Christmas trees with…unique decorations. Each tree was decorated by Craig with a different “theme,” in which the purpose was to horrify/disgust his young granddaughters. Turns out his three granddaughters are horrified by pigs’ feet, beards with things stuck in them and…nutcrackers (gotta say I kind of agree with this granddaughter as I don’t really care for nutcrackers, either). Behold the different “themed” trees:




Keith: My brother Craig has always been a button pusher

I replied in this fashion:

Craig? A button pusher? Get out!

I filled my husband in on all of this while we were having some drinks at the bar last night. And he got a devilish grin.

I know how his granddaughters can get back at him!

And he told me the story of Craig, Pecan Sandies…and Wendy’s hamburgers. Craig apparently had a bad dream involving Pecan Sandies which essentially makes them his Kryptonite, and just plain had a hang-up about Wendy’s hamburgers. Mike said he went on quite a long rant about how bothered he was by Wendy’s hamburgers (I’ve actually witnessed him going on about it as well…it’s pure comedy).


You don’t put a square hamburger on a round bun

So I got onto Facebook Messenger and sent a message to Craig’s brother Keith – tipping him off about the Pecan Sandies – and the Wendy’s hamburger.

So perhaps a couple of pranksters in Michigan will have the last laugh about a prank occurring in Greenville, S.C. on Christmas Eve! We shall see how this plays out!

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