Have Yourselves A Merry Little…Whatever!

T’was the night before Christmas…and I bought  some “his” and “hers” Moscow mule mugs for my husband and I.


Guess which one is mine and which one is his? Yes, the “unicorn” mug is MINE!

Since I bought the Moscow mule mugs…then I SHOULD go to a store to buy some cocktail supplies, right? I stopped at my friendly neighborhood Kroger, and the parking lot was PACKED (go figure). What the Hell made me think it was a good idea to go to Kroger on Christmas Eve? Parked about a mile or so from the entrance (JK), which was being guarded by a Salvation Army volunteer wearing a Grinch hat. Microaggression? Aren’t the people who DON’T give him money the real “Grinches?”

I quickly grabbed some vodka, some key lime flavored club sodas and a four-pack of ginger beer. I also splurged and bought a bag of ice, although I knew since we did a grocery run yesterday there would be NO room in the freezer for it. I had zero wait time at the checkout, and the bag ‘o ice is in a cooler in the garage. The ice will make itself very, very useful later this evening.

As soon as I can pry myself away from this laptop…some well-earned “couch surfing” time awaits!

Have yourselves a merry little…Christmas, everyone! I know not everyone celebrates this holiday, but if nothing else…it’s yet another excuse to drink. Cheers!

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