Trivia On Holiday Breaks This Week…

Hey folks who stalk this blog site for recaps of trivia games! As you might well be aware, this thing called “the holidays” is happening next week. Monday is Christmas Eve, Tuesday is Christmas Day – so no trivia games will be happening on those nights. I won’t be going out to play any trivia games until Thursday, Dec. 27 and it will be an “all women” trivia night (something I do about twice a year or so).

Thanks, as always, for stopping by! I’ll try to get some “reruns” of past trivia games for you all to chew on in meantime (trivia withdrawal ain’t nothing to f— with….believe me…I KNOW)!


I plan on having a very relaxing Christmas Eve once I’m done with my shift, and will be spending Christmas Day with my folks (I actually do not have to work on Christmas, woot)! Business as usual for me at work next week, I don’t really have any time off other than having Christmas Day off. But I DID enjoy having the past four days off! I’m feeling QUITE relaxed!

Does anyone else wish that Kiss Saves Santa was a REAL Christmas special? Asking for a friend…


Kiss Saves Santa on Family Guy

Happy Festivus, everyone and happy holidays!


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