Trivia Recap – Aug. 30, 2013 – Legends of Notre Dame (Guest recap)

Editor’s note: This trivia recap was written by mine and my husband’s former college roommate John Shepardson, who lives in South Bend, IN. For a brief time, a bar called “Legends of Notre Dame” served up trivia nights in the Sporcle Live league. He used the name “Miskatonic University Alumni Association,” which we joked was going to be our “spin-off” team. If he lived closer, he would definitely be part of our regular team! But alas, he works in a comic books/gaming store and is rarely available on weekends, when we would really need him for tournaments.

The Miskatonic University Alumni Association Sporcle Live – South Bend trivia team had its inaugural trivia night Thursday, with a solo player scoring 53 points in game one! Here’s a re-cap by our friend John S: So, the inaugural Sporcle Live event in South Bend, IN at Legends on the Campus of Notre Dame saw 4 teams duke it out for supremacy. I didn’t write down the other teams’ names, but there were 2 teams with four or five members myself alone representing the Miskatonic University Alumni Association (Go Pods!) and a large group of 10 or 12 players (Something… Heroes).

Round 1:
1. Actors. Joe Pesci starred in 4 films in 1990, for which did he receive an Oscar for best supporting actor?
2. Comedians. Which Comedian’s catch Phrase is “git ‘er done?”
3. Toys. Which toy company produced the Tickle Me Elmo toy? (This was multiple choice, but I didn’t write down all of the choices. Threw my 2 at it because I had no idea.)
4. Presidents. Name the only president to win a pulitzer prize. (For his book Profiles in Courage,)
5. TV Dramas. This CBS hospital drama prmiered one night prior to ER on NBC.
6. Hockey. What 1999 NHL expansion team moved in 2011 and became the second incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets? (burned my 1 pointer on this)
7. Audio. Name the 60s film: “What we have here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach…” Bonus point. Name the actor. (knew the film, but accidentally got the first word wrong. I blame the song ‘Layla’ that was playing at the time. Ouch 8 points!)
8. Albums. This 90s grunge band released albums called Facelift, Dirt, & Jar of Flies.
9. Country Names. In South America, what is the only country whose name ends in a ‘U’?
10. Elements. Group 17 on the periodic table which includes Flourine, Chrorine, & Iodine is better known as what? (Had no clue, luckily only had a 2 left to lose.)

Mystery Round: Before & after

1. Former Disney star (singer) and spooky (kooky?) character played by both Raul Julia and John Astin.
2. Star of the Jerk and Emilio Estaves’s father.
3. Female star of When Harry Met Sally and the host of American Idol.
4. Alas, I didn’t take notes on these and 3 are all I could recall from memory. If the 4th comes to me, I’ll add it later.

Going into the final, MUAA was in second place to the Something Heroes team- 53 to 50. The final category was World Flags, a subject I have some familiarity with, so I felt confident enough to wager 15 points.

Final: This island nation in the west indies, named after the day of the week that Columbus discovered it has the only flag in the world to contain the color purple. It is depicted on an endangered species of parrot.

Missed the question and dropped to 3rd, but I think I did pretty well considering I was a team of 1.

After round 1 all of the other teams left, so I guess I win round 2 by default! lol But alas we didn’t play.

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