Old Trivia Update – June 13, 2013

Editor’s note: I’ve been delving into previous posts on my trivia team’s Facebook page, hoping to find recaps of games that may have been missed when I archived them all on this blog site in 2016. And I found this old trivia update, which you can tell is an oldie, since it is written in the third person! It’s basically about me “studying” for a Man of Steel theme trivia night, which we wound up winning. The final question category was about the ages of four different actors who played Superman and wanted players to put their ages in order from youngest to oldest, based on when they played Superman. This was one of the categories I studied…(I love trivia theme nights). 

Preparing for some Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia tonight followed by a viewing of “Man of Steel” tonight at Max & Erma’s Livonia. Our least knowledgeable comic book person on the team has been attempting to make up the deficit by delving into the colorful world of comic book heroes, publishers, movies, actors, TV shows and more. Soon she will be able to hold her own in casual conversation at any comic book convention and perhaps make some snarky comments on geeky internet forums about who would win in a battle between the Thing and the Hulk, and who would win in a girl fight between Wonder Woman and Elektra. We’re not sure this is a good thing, perhaps we’ve created a monster! Go Pods!

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