Swimming, Swimming, In The Swimming Hole…When Days Are Hot and Days Are…Hot…In The Swimming Hole!

This is a repost from 2018. 

When I was attending Girl Scout camp in the early 1980s, we had little “marching” songs we would sing when going from point A to point B. One of them went as such (keep in mind it sounds much better coming out of 9-year-old me, lol)…


Me, 9, at Miner’s Beach, near Munising, MI – (part of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore)

“Swimming…swimming…in the swimming hole…when days are hot and days are cold…in the swimming hole…side stroke…back stroke…fancy diving too…oh my gosh I think I’m turning blue.”

It sounds much better coming out of a 9-year-old girl!

I think the last few lyrics were ones we’d customized for our camp, I don’t see them in the song lyrics I found online. Now that I’ve set the scene (ahem) I WENT SWIMMING TODAY!

I was very excited to get out into the water today! The area where I live in MI has been experiencing a “heat wave,” so what better excuse to take to the water?  I even bought a new swimming “top” at the mall (wow, so hard to find a “basic black” top…I literally had to comb through nearly every rack to find the right one).  Our “water day” started out as kind of an adventure. My husband and I originally planned to go to a local water park, so we sprayed ourselves down with sunblock, put on our swimming gear, grabbed our flip-flops and towels…


My towel, which I’ve had since 1986

When we arrived, we saw a sign announcing that the water park was at capacity. By the time we made it to the line to get in, we could see that they were only letting visitors in when other visitors left. With about 30 people ahead of us and the average transaction taking 4-5 minutes, we figured we’d be waiting more than an hour to get in. So we decided to f— the waterpark and go to a public pool instead. We made the right choice! Yes, the pool was crowded, and there was barely room to move. Until it was “adult swim” time. Then all of the kiddos had to leave the pool (buh-bye). My enthusiasm was apparent to everyone around me.

“Wow, I have room to move now,” I exclaimed loudly, making a nearby fellow adult swimmer chuckle. And move I did! I proceeded to do my favorite stroke, which happens to be the backstroke. I don’t think you could technically call it the “elementary backstroke” which I learned to do in swimming lessons, but it’s my own favorite customized swimming stroke. I kind of flutter my arms gently at my sides, and move my feet up and down with minimal splashing, all the while keeping my face – and ears – out of the water. This is the fastest swimming stroke I know how to do, but since I can’t see behind me while I’m doing it, a clear area is ideal. And today, I had that, for a precious 10 minutes. It was…nice! And I could tell my body appreciated the workout! Whether my body will be so forgiving tomorrow, well.. we’ll see!

I know kids and adults both want to enjoy a pool on a hot day. But I really, really, really LOVED those precious “adults only” minutes! Didn’t have to worry about clueless kids without body awareness, kids splashing WAY too much, or people swimming underwater in my proximity. Kids pretty much rule the world nowadays, and have even pretty much taken over many bars and watering holes. Adults need “their” time, too, don’t they? Are you with me on this? 🙂

Even when I didn’t have much room to move in the water amid the kids playing “Marco Polo,” not watching where the f— they’re going, splashing WAY too much, yada yada…I still managed to park myself at the side and do some “water aerobic” stuff, which didn’t require much space. The ’80s tunes they were playing kind of made it easy to keep my limbs moving in rhythm, to the beats of Whitney Houston, Berlin, A-ha, Cyndi Lauper, and Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes. It was very relaxing. And I was keeping my body moving without the pesky effects of gravity.

It was worth the annoyance of having to walk around in flip-flops and briefly walk barefoot on sun-deprived grass and concrete. And being turned away from a packed waterpark.

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