Lots Of Surprises in World Cup 2018!

I did a bracket in mid-May, 2018 for the 2018 World Cup, which you can view here. It’s already pretty bollocksed up, with the 2014 defending champs Germany being eliminated 2-0 by South Korea today (that was one HELL of a match…South Korea gave no quarter to Germany whatsoever…), Colombia shitting the bed and getting trounced by dark horses Japan in the first round and Argentina just barely being able to advance. My predictions were for Portugal and Spain to advance out of Group B, France and Denmark to advance out of Group C, and Brazil and Switzerland to advance out of Group E, all of which have occurred.  So I guess my bracket wasn’t THAT terrible, was it?  And I will be happy to provide personal consolation services to the Iceland national team – in particular, one-on-one consolation services to midfielder Birkir Bjarnason – for failing in their bid on Tuesday. “There, there! Better luck next time! And always remember your team had the best looking jerseys out of all of the 2018 World Cup teams!”



I don’t normally go for blondes, but I do make exceptions sometimes!

On Thursday, the final “group stage” matches for groups G and H – will decide which teams will advance to the “Round of 16,” which is also lovingly referred to as the “knockout stage.” My predictions call for Belgium and England to advance from Group G, and for Colombia and Senegal to advance from Group H.

As I said to my friend Brad a few days ago when Sweden lost to Germany, “Anything can happen.” Brad is Swedish by blood, so he has been cheering on Sweden. He wasn’t convinced….”But they have to play Mexico next.” I was insistent…

“You just never know. Injuries, red cards…it’s still too early to call.”

And my words couldn’t have rung more true. Sweden trounced Mexico today 3-0. Now both teams will advance to the “knockout stage.” Tough call. I’m kind of rooting for Mexico because they’re our southern CONCACAF neighbors, and because a certain president of ours seems to f—ing hate Mexicans. F— him. I have Mexican blood relatives (my first cousin married a Mexican) and I love the hell out of all of them! Viva La Mexico!


Handsome brooding Sweden goalkeeper Kristoffer Norfeldt. Those eyes – I can’t  even (be still my heart). You might not be Sweden’s “number 1” goalkeeper yet…but bide your time! Ask Iker Casillas about that time he came in as a sub in a UEFA Champions League final match in 2002 and ended up unseating the numero  uno goalkeeper. On that note, here’s a pic…


Superheroes? Pffft! Goalkeepers are the REAL superheroes! Iker Casillas defying gravity…

That said, I don’t have anything against Sweden, either. Most of their players are kind of hot, and well, Sweden produced the greatest “supergroup” of all time. If I were the Sweden coach, I’d make the team do their drills and practices while ABBA music was playing (JK…). If they did poorly in practice, I’d make them listen to Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” on repeat. Kidding…not kidding! I’d better close this blog now before I get THAT song in my head! (Facepalm…) Too late! 🙂


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