Trivia Recap – Dec. 28, 2017 – The Wurst Bar

It’s always nice when you encounter a very rough set of trivia questions and still wind up getting the final question right – AND nailing a tiebreaker question – and getting some beer money! Though it wasn’t quite so nice blowing big points on a fashion designer question AGAIN (is this sounding like deja vu)? Way too many close calls in this game! We picked the wrong gender for the animal known scientifically as Bos taurus  who appears as the mascot for Elmer’s Glue. Would we have gotten credit had we put Bos taurus instead of “cow” for this? More importantly, isn’t gender supposed to not matter in this day and age? What if the Elmer’s Glue bull felt like a woman on the inside? What if he felt like he was a cow in a bull’s body?


Bugs Bunny was always in touch with his feminine side…and never failed to make the “boys” take notice – whether they were brawling hillbillies, a Tasmanian devil, Yosemite Sam…

Do we allow bulls to take a crap where the cows take their craps? Or do we need to set up a “unisex” pooping zone for the cows and bulls?  Of course we didn’t happen to know the genus and species of cow/bull while we were playing, but that’s not important right now. What IS important is that EIGHT teams out of 14 put “cow” as the answer and it was ruled wrong! And right now, everyone’s having a cow over it on Facebook… #mostcommentedtriviarecapthreadeverofalltime.  We managed to finish in second for the night with a $20 gift card, shout out to the “Tongue Twister” team for taking the $30 prize! And…the…questions!
Round One
1. Movies – What is the real first name of Ben Stiller’s character in “Meet the Parents?” Brain fart, miss for 1.
2. Rumors – What was long believed to be the edible cause of death of “Mama” Cass Elliott? Brad and I were both all over this one…
3. Products – What gardening product is available in various shapes and styles, including The Incredible Hulk, emojis and the late Bob Ross? Anyone get one of those for Christmas? How about a Clapper? 🙂
Round Two
1. Countries – The 2018 Winter Olympics is scheduled to take place in what country – which is spurring national security fears among some of the athletes? Brad again…5
2. Sports – Who was named the Detroit Tigers manager in October, 2017 following the dismissal of Brad Ausmus? Brad knew what this guy’s former teams were, just couldn’t nail his name, miss for 1.
3. Shopping – What retailer gives out “Santa Bucks?” For an extra three point bonus, in what Minneapolis suburb would you find the Mall of America? Missed part one, and did not attempt the bonus. We fail at shopping!
Round Three
1. Politics – What fraction of the U.S. Senate is needed to vote for impeachment of the president?
2. Other Sports – What sport, known by an acronym, was created by wrestler Vince McMahon in 2001?
3. Mascots – What animal is the mascot for Elmer’s Glue? Miss for 5, picked the wrong gender. Sorry, bro – you must not look very “manly” to us, lol!
Halftime – Given the trio of TV shows, name the U.S. city in which they are primarily set.
1. Boy Meets World, Cold Case, All My Children
2. Burn Notice, Dexter, Golden Girls
3. Home Improvement, Freaks and Geeks, Sister Sister
4. Married with Children, Mike and Molly, ER
Got all of these, totally guessed on #1! And I’m surprised a “real” city was used in a soap! I watched a few soaps set in “fake” cities when I was growing up…Port Charles, Llanview…so many hours wasted watching this stuff! My mom sent me written synopses of my favorite soaps when I was at summer camp, lol…it all seems so far-fetched reading them now!
Halftime scores – Fourteen teams, scores 12 to 31, with “I’m not your Pal” tied for first with us.
Round Four
1. State Animals – The sperm whale is the official state animal of which US state? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Local News – What WXYZ news anchor was recently suspended due to sexual harassment allegations? Nope, miss for 2.
3. Chairmen – Ajit Pai oversees what government agency, which would involve net neutrality? This question was worded much, much more weirdly than this…got this.
Round Five
1. Brands – Levar Paul founded what line of sports apparel? Miss.
2. Designers – What fashion designer appeared with Rachel on a “Friends” episode? In the episode, the two of them appeared in an elevator together. Miss for SIX. Went with the fashion designer who appeared on “Seinfeld” instead!
3. Technology – The LG company’s name originates from the names of two different electronics companies. Name them both. Miss, though we had the first part of the “G” company’s name correct! How many round fives have we flunked this month? Too many!
Round Six
1. Networks – Expedition Unknown airs on what network?
2. Hostages – What body part of J. Paul Getty was cut off by his kidnappers when the ransom was not paid?
3. Celebrities – What female celebrity’s death was overshadowed in 2009 when Michael Jackson died the same day?


Woman in previous answer whoring herself out for Nike…

Scores heading into the final:
Thirteen teams, scores 17 to 56, with One is the Loneliest Number in first. Tongue Twisters were in second with 56, we were tied for third with 47 with team Pants and Do These Protons Make My Mass Look Big.
Final Category – Scientists
Who is credited with creating the first liquid-fuel rocket – which shares his name with a 2001 animated film – and a character in a series running from 2002 to 2006?
Brad and I did not need the secondary clues…got this, so did a team tied with us, our rivals “The Pants Team.”
Stacy called for a tiebreaker for second and asked this:
At what age was James Dean when he died?
Got it! Tongue Twisters took the lead and got first place.
That’s it for now! Happy New Year, everyone, and Go Pods!

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