Big, Big News on the ‘Pods Front! Read All About it!


We will be attempting to qualify for My Trivia Live finals in a different spot next season! We will resume our “regularly scheduled programming” at the Wurst Bar, where we have played – and have qualified for the previous five tournaments – when the new season begins in early May. For the next season, however, we will be attempting to qualify at Powell’s Pub, which is a place at least a couple of us have played “part time” for about a year and a half or so.

So why the change? Well, since this is my personal blog and not the FB page, I’ll provide a few more details for all y’all (a blog exclusive…how exciting, right)?

One of our players got a DUI going on three years ago and since that time has REFUSED to drive his vehicle to any bars or other places where he will be drinking. It was pretty epic – the details of his DUI even made it to a local news hole (MLive, if you must know, I’m not sharing a link here, if you want to find it, you will be able to find it as long as you know his name).  This means that he WILL NOT drive to trivia games – though when weather allows, he will ride his bike. Unfortunately, winter is slapping us hard with its cold, cold dick right now!


Sunrise over Lake Superior in December 2009, near Paradise, MI. Sometimes even when it’s cold AF – it can still be pretty! The Edmund Fitzgerald went to its watery grave no too far from here…

My husband and I are just a tad bit tired of being this guy’s Uber service. He never offers – or gives – gas money – and fails to see how all of those little trips out of the way to pick him up – add up. It adds time to our trips, adds hassle, and well, annoys us. We’ll continue driving his ass to trivia tournaments (even if he is slightly annoying…OK, really annoying) in the car, but he’ll have to find his own way to weekly trivia games from now on. And if that means he can’t play? We’ll adapt! We will continue playing occasionally “for fun” at the Wurst Bar, since we absolutely ADORE the $2 well whiskey special on Wednesdays! We just won’t be trying to qualify by playing there (for one season).

We feel that we have a shot at qualifying – even without bringing a full team every week – by giving Powell’s a try. It’s pretty darn close to home – so even if winter is slapping us hard with its cold, cold dick, we can still crawl out of our dens long enough to get our trivia on!

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