Trivia Recap – July 6, 2017 – Wurst Bar

We came, we saw, we played some trivia…and didn’t win any prizes! And we are strangely not that bothered by it! For nine consecutive Wednesdays, we have won prizes in our My Trivia Live games at The Wurst Bar (and one game played at Fenders Bar and Grill in Milan). Since we’ve been on the other side of the prize fence so much lately (the non-winning side) – we know how annoying that can be! It’s like that song that hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts that just seems to stay in that spot…and stay in that spot…and get overplayed on the radio so much that it becomes your own personal earworm – and you can’t get the song out of your head. Did I just describe to all of you what it’s like to be me when I get a song stuck in my head? Just today I got a song from high school band in my head called “Rush Street Tarantella,” a little Italian ditty we jokingly called “Rush Street Tarantula.” All digressions about songs that get stuck in my head aside, we’ll just chalk up our non-win to, (hopefully) appeasing the trivia gods! May this act restore balance, please accept our noble sacrifice, o trivia gods! What? It HAS to be blood (pssst…it’s ALWAYS blood)? Groan…all right, I guess I’ll sneak into a petting farm when no one’s looking, lol…JK, this is all in jest, people! Don’t blame us if some livestock go missing from a petting farm 🙂Ahem..and here are those game questions!
Round One
1. Card Games – How many cards are dealt to each player at the beginning of a hand of “Uno?” Miss for 3.
2. Health – What juice is commonly used to treat urinary tract infections because of its proven healing properties? It is also a good mixer for vodka…
3. Video Games – What is the only sport that doesn’t require a ball in the original Wii Sports video game?
Round Two
1. Logos – On the Arby’s logo, the logo is printed on what item?
2. Music – Stevie Nicks, Kings of Leon and Abba all sang about what specific age?
3. Celebrities – What 87-year-old “dirty” hero has been the most recent victim of a celebrity death hoax? For an extra three-point bonus, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins are all celebrating which birthday this year? Strangely enough, I knew what year Dustin Hoffman was born (see, I don’t just get stupid songs stuck in my head, sometimes valuable facts get stuck there too).
Round Three
1. Art – “Art is never finished – it is only abandoned,” is a quote by what Italian painter?
2. SCIENCE! – CH4 symbolizes what chemical compound found in natural gas?
3. Literature – “The Diary of Anne Frank” was originally written in what language?
Halftime – Harry Potter – Match the Harry Potter characters to the correct patronus.
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Severus Snape
Remus Lupin
Wolf, Stag, Weasel, Doe, Crow
Managed to get four points on this by guessing…
Halftime Scores – Ten teams – scores 24 to 36 with Emmett Street Irregulars and Team Pants tied for first. We were in third with 31 points.
Round Four
1. Poets – Beethoven’s 9th is the interpretation of “Ode to Joy” by what poet? Newsletter clue…
2. Presidents – Which U.S. president held the rank of five-star general in the U.S. Army?
3. T.V. – In 2006, what network merged with the CW to form a new network?
Round Five
1. Five Guys – Normally found on a pizza, what mix-in ingredient is offered for shakes at Five Guys? We picked an ingredient used on pizzas – and in smoothies at Five Guys. Big miss for 6.
2. Space – What is the name for particles in a black hole named for a scientist?
3. Musical Instruments – Though very similar, what predecessor to the piano has two strings and is played by plucking?
Round Six
1. Geography – What Texas city is known for being the “gas capital of the U.S.” and shares its name with a city in both Missouri and in Tunisia? Miss for 2.
2. Travel – What European city is known for being the worst city in the world for pickpocketing? Miss for 4.
3. Alcohol – What two beverages combine to make a mimosa?
Scores – Ten teams, scores 43 to 62, with Team Pants in first. We were in fourth with 55.
Final Category – Hockey
What coach has the most consecutive wins in Stanley Cup championship games? This is an abbreviated version of the question that was asked, host Stacy tweaked it somewhat…
We bet it all and missed.
Zero betters took the game – Team Tommy, 56; Emmett Street Irregulars, 60; and Team Pants, 62 (they wagered zero and got it right). Until next time, which will be tonight! Let’s see if we can win our second prize of the season at Original Gravity Brewing Co. tonight! Yes, we know all too well what it’s like to not win anything in trivia games (whine). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Barcelona pickpockets!

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