Trivia Recap – July 14, 2017 – Original Gravity


Here is the recap from Thursday’s Sporcle Live game at Original Gravity Brewing Co...We finished with no prizes (surprised?), and a measly 76 points for the night! We remain in third in the overall standings, as for whether or not we finish the season here…(drum roll)…yes, we probably will! As for whether we actually field a team for finals, that is still up for discussion. But as the old sayings go, we won’t count our cephalopods before they’re hatched, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, and we won’t take any wooden nickels! But it has been a turbulent season here, definitely the most stressful trivia season we’ve ever experienced, which would explain our recent talk of abandoning ship! Are the rules still women and children first, or are things more progressive now? Who am I kidding, I’ll go down with the ship,  arrr! Enough pirate talk, how about those questions?
Game One
1. Environments – According to Yale’s list of the environmentally greatest countries of 2016, all of the countries on the list are on what continent? And for a “nerd” bonus point, what country was on the top of that list? Missed the bonus, got this for 10.
2. Recent News – What Oklahoma City-based business agreed to pay a fine of $3 million in July 2017 for smuggling ancient artifacts? Miss.
3. Same Title – What 1991 song by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (lol Kimberly) shares its title with a 1966 song by the Beach Boys?
4. Books – A lexicon is another term used to describe what type of book?
5. The “X-Files” – from 1997 until 2002, new episodes of the “X Files” aired on which night of the week? It was the best night on TV at the time…
6. Schools – The main campus of the University of Nebraska is located in what city? We narrowed down our choices to the only two cities in Nebraska. Literally the only two cities in Nebraska. JK…just the only two that we know! Got it…
7. Documentaries – Who wrote and directed the documentary “Sicko?” My mom and dad actually met this guy while he was running a newspaper in Flint in the 1970s….
8. Fears – Dermaphobia is the fear of what?
9. Musical Instruments – What is the smallest musical instruments used in a conventional orchestra and is also the highest pitched?
10. Restaurants – What restaurant chain was outed recently as having stretched the truth when it claimed it sent it chefs traveled to Tuscany for training?
Mystery – Before and After
1. Spider-Man’s real name and a board game company’s name
2. Highest-charting single by Mark Morrison and also highest charting single by Bobby Darin
3. Barney Stinson sitcom and charity founded under the name Missionaries of Charity
4. 2017 movie featuring Scarlett Johannsen and a 2006 film series starring Ben Stiller debuting in 2006
MIssed #2 and #4
Scores- Good King Snugglewumps in first with 63. We were tied with two other teams in fifth with 58.
Final Category – NFL HIstory
Since the founding of the NFL in 1920, only two of the original fourteen teams are still in the league today. Both have relocated at least once, and both teams are currently in the NFC.
Name one of those two teams.
Nope, David and I wagered zero on this…
Game Winners – Team Mott, 78; GKS, 82.
Game Two
1. Charities – What charity, most well known at Christmas time, was founded in 1947 by Marine Major Bill Hendrix in 1947? BIG MISS FOR 10! We have not missed a question for 10 in weeks! Bad ‘Pods!
2. Children’s Food – What is the English translation for the word “zweiback?” Miss.
3. Disney Movies – Grimhilde is the main antagonist of what Disney film? I worshiped this woman when I was 4…screw the movie’s heroine! This woman was the balls in my 4-year-old mind! Keep in mind I was a very strange little girl…yeah “was…”
4. Construction – What flexible water proof compound is used to seal joints or seals and is usually dispensed by a gun?
5. Independence – On September 7 annually, what South American nation celebrates its independence from Portugal?
6. TV News – Audio clue of theme from TV news show that debuted in 1988 – Miss
7. Novelties – The modern version of what novelty item was invented in the 1920s by the JEM rubber company?
8. Debut Albums – What is the name of Nirvana’s debut album? Dave and I were torn between two, picked wrong one…
9. Fighters – This is a boxing question I did not write down very well…we missed. Wanted to know weight class of Australian dude who played against Pacquaio…
10. Screenwriters – What is the name of the female director/screenwriter of “Los in Translation?
Mystery – Missed 1 and 4
Scores – 10 teams, scores 31 to 50 with Snow Spiders in first.
Final Category – U.S. Geography
Which state, the 10th largest in the country and 6th largest state to not have an ocean coastline, contains 32 named islands despite being landlocked?
We wagered and missed. Every team missed this one…
Game winners, Snow Spiders, 30 and Mellows, 43.
Until next time, which will be our My Trivia Live finals on Saturday in Taylor. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…anyone hanging onto anger toward friends right now. Do a little investigation, and you just might find your anger is based on a misunderstanding, a miscommunication or is misguided! Give the other person a chance, and give them the benefit of the doubt! If you still find they are an asshole, well, do whatever you have to do! Again, Go Pods!

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