Trivia Recap – May 26, 2017 – Original Gravity

Adequate. That’s probably the best way to describe Thursday’s Sporcle Live game at Original Gravity Brewing Co. hosted by Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC, who was subbing for the regular host Matty Ice. Only one player, me, (duh) was available to play, I finished with 104 total points, wagered zero on both finals. Final question two was of the dreaded “put these in order” variety. Which some of you teams out there think should be banned under Geneva Convention guidelines, amiright? Missing five consecutive regular round questions in game one was, uh, not so “adequate,” but a fairly easy “add ’em up” mystery round and a sports final question that sunk quite a few teams made it all balance out a bit! We still remain in fourth in the overall standings, but with eight more games to go, who knows how that could change? We could very well. sink down even farther in the standings, or.. advance a bit. “Que sera, sera,” as Doris Day, or Sly and the Family Stone would sing! And how about those questions?
Game One
1. ’90s Songs – What actress rose to fame in the early 1990s partly because of her appearance in three Aerosmith videos?
2. Vietnam War – What was the name given to the surprise attacks which occurred during the Vietnamese new year in 1968?
3. SCIENCE! – What vitamin is produced when a person is exposed to sunlight? I swear we just had a very similar question in a My Trivia Live game…
And now, time for things to start to really suck…(spoiler!)
4. Basketball – According to NBA rules, how long does a player have to shoot a free throw? Ten seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds or five seconds? Nope…
5. Children’s Books – In Roald Dahls’ book BFG, what does BFG stand for? I thought of the right thing for the letter “G,” but my stupid brain couldn’t think of anything other than “big f—ing.” Tragically true. Having teammates probably would have helped a bit, I asked Mike this question later, and he would have put me on the right track. I did put in a guess of “best friend grope,” even though I knew that was wrong. Now who wouldn’t want to read THAT book to their kids? Show of hands? 🙂
6. Canada – After Alaska and Michigan, which state has the longest border with Canada? Nope, I went with the #5 state. Things were starting to really suck!
7. 2000s Movies – What James Bond actor played a character named Alex West in the 2001 film “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider?” This was tough on a couple of levels – one, I had never seen the movie, and two, I wasn’t quite sure whether I was supposed to name an actor who had appeared in a Bond film (which would be a very, very broad category indeed), or an actor who had actually played Bond. I had my choices narrowed down to two guys who played Bond, unfortunately I picked the brunette one who was only in two films…boo!
8. Milk – During what process are fat globules separated from milk so that it does not turn into cream? There were really only a couple of “processes,” and of course I picked the wrong one…screw you, Louis Pasteur! Just kidding, you weren’t that bad of a guy! Because of your innovations, people can enjoy nice cold beer, too! Mmm, beer! I thought I saw on a TV show or something that beer consumption was actually the driving force for pasteurization, not milk, but don’t quote me on that!
9. TV Catchphrases – According to a list of greatest catchphrases compiled by TV Guide, which two-word phrase from Ed McMahon appears on that list?
10. Languages – Which of the following languages is NOT an official language of the United Nations? Japanese, French, Russian or Spanish?
Could maybe a friendly mystery round help me save face? Read on to see! Wait, I already mentioned earlier that this actually happened, so you already know, right?
Mystery – Add ’em Up
The correct numbers in each response will add up to the number of letters in the last name of the first Republican president.
1. Number of presidents serving in the 18th century
2. Number of presidents who were impeached
3. Number of presidents who died before age 50
4. Number of presidents who served more than two full terms
And apparently, per the host, there was a team who thought that there was a president with a 19-letter name! Maybe they didn’t understand the instructions? Or maybe they thought the character “Apu” from “The Simpsons” was the first Republican president? Who knows! Yay, I got all of these…
Scores – Fifteen teams, scores 32 to 58 with Don Ho (not sure if I heard that team name correctly) in first. I was in fifth with 50, playing under the moniker “These Go to Eleven.” Because I was team #11. So, so creative…anyway!
Final Category – Baseball (I’m outta here!)
Name three of the four current Major League Baseball franchises who were formerly members of the American League East, but are no longer in that division.
More Beer Less Pants got this correct and took first in game one, with Don Ho finishing second for wagering zero. Moving on…
Game Two
1. Soccer (now THIS is more like it! Why couldn’t this have been the final category?) – The most recent FIFA World Cup in Europe took place in what year? For an extra “nerd” bonus, what country was the host? Got both…
2. Horror Movies – The mid ’90s films “Demon Knight” and “Bordello of Blood” were based on what HBO anthology TV series? The qualifier “HBO” clearly threw me here, as I remember watching this on network television, had two choices here, picked the wrong one…
3. At the Table – What is the name for the rotating device that sits on top of a table for the distribution of food? Anyone else remember Duff’s Smorgasbord? It was a buffet restaurant with a revolving buffet. Sometimes you just had to wait for the buffet to revolve to you so could scoop out that mac ‘n cheese! And one time there were some feathers in my fried chicken…ewww. FB clue…
4. Animated TV – audio clip of series featuring three adorable little girls who fly around and fight crime.
5. Populations – Located in Southeast Asia, what is the most populous metro area beginning with the letter J?
6. Chemical Compounds – What is the common name for sodium bicarbonate? A guy sitting next to me at the bar was actually wearing a T-shirt underneath another shirt with the periodic table printed on it. He joked about looking at his shirt to cheat on this question, which was not necessary, lol.
7. Cover Songs – What band had charting hits in the late ’90s with “Can’t Get Enough of you Baby” and “I’m a Believer?” Yay a late ’90s music question for which I actually knew the answer! A rare occurrence indeed…
8. Government – Since February, 2017, Jeff Sessions has held what post in the U.S. government?
9. Computers – In terms of computer design, what does GUI stand for? Nope, it’s not “graphics under the influence.”
10. Clothing Stores – What are the last names of David and Ezra, who started a retail clothing store more than 100 years ago which now focuses on upscale clothing for 18-25 year olds? Picked something too upscale and too old here…miss.
Mystery – Missed #2 and #4.
Scores – Sixteen teams, scores 34 to 61, with Mellows in first. I was around the middle of the herd in eleventh, playing as team #11 under the name “These Go to Eleven.” Tragically funny! How weird is that? Yeah, the final question coming up won’t be a laughing matter, unfortunately…
Final Category – TV
Put the following TV shows in order based on where they were primarily set, starting in the west and heading east.
Parks and Recreation
True Blood
Cold Case
I’ve only ever watched two of these shows, and just had a vague idea where one of those was set. Wagered zero on this, did not even attempt to answer…but apparently quite a few teams got this right.
Teams Snow Spiders and another team whose name I did not catch (I was kind of busy trying to work in phone time with my friend Suzie who was celebrating her birthday, happy birthday!) were in a tiebreaker for second. They had to answer how many World Series appearances were made by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Don’t recall which team was closest…team The Rest of the Turtles finished in first. Well, that’s a wrap! We’ll be back with a full ‘Pods team next week! We’ll see how that goes! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jack Torrance! 🦑

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