Trivia Recap – May 25, 2017 – Wurst Bar

Yup, our fourth My Trivia Live season at The Wurst Bar is in the books, and we’re poised to advance to our fourth semifinal battle in July. We’ll likely finish again as venue leaders, bonus points earned by our closest rivals “Team Pants” not withstanding. Special thanks to Mike, Brad and John for attending most of the games last season and for the most part, doing most of thinking for the team as a whole! Seriously, I could start taking Wednesdays off and you guys would still be kicking ass! Potential hydrogen indeed, John! 😉 A “Beverly Hillbillies” question proved to be a tad bit too “old” for us, and we picked the wrong beverage industry innovation as well as making some other flubs, but otherwise not too bad! We finished with a first place/$30 prize after moving up from third with 58 points going into the final. Now the questions, which may be abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked….
Round One
1. Government – What government agency was created by Richard Nixon in 1970, the same year as the first Earth Day celebration?
2. Computers – What does CPU stand for?
3. Music – What was the stage name of Farrokh Balsara, who was born in Zanzibar, now known as Tanzania?
Got all of these…
Round Two
1. Movie Characters – In the 1960s, what movie character was referred to by Italians as “Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang?” The “guys” were all over this one…
2. Inventions – Ermal Fraze received a patent for inventing what in 1963, which revolutionized the beverage industry? We went with an artificial sweetener instead, miss…
3. Food – What seafood dish was invented by Ben Wenberg, and features an anagram of his last name? For an extra three-point bonus, what animal is used to make mock turtle soup? Did not risk the bonus…were very surprised to hear the answer, which now makes me think of an iconic scene from “The Godfather.”
Round Three
1. Other Sports – In official table tennis rules, the balls can be either white or what other color? Funny, we had a ping-pong table when I was growing up, and I don’t remember having any balls in this color…miss.
2. TV – What was used as a “pot pusher” on the “fancy dinner table” on Beverly Hillbillies? Yes, the 1960s seems to be the prevaiing “theme” for this set of questions! Stay tuned, there will be more from this decade! We missed this one…wow…too “old” for us? 🙂
Halftime – Name four of the five poorest U.S. states based on median income as of 2015. Got three of these correct.
Scores – Eleven teams, scores ??? (did not hear the low score) to 32, with Taco Salad in first. We were tied with another team for fourth with 26 points, Team Pants was in second with 31 points, tied with Joey Tribbiani.
Round Four
1. Road To – What was Bing Crosby and Bob Hope’s last Road movie? Newsletter clue…
2. Music – What song was a hit song for P.P. Arnold in 1967; Rod Stewart in 1977 and Sheryl Crowe in 2003? Yay my second “solo” hit of the night. I told you – these guys don’t even need me! 🙂 And who wants to take a guess about who wrote this song?
3. Logos – Founded in 1877, what company known for selling food uses a person it its logo, to convey honesty, integrity and strength? John with the right guess here.
Round Five
1. Measurements – What does “PH” stand for when referring to the measuring of the acidity of a solution? Big hit for John…fist bump!
2. Space – What is the name of the brightest star, aside from the sun, which is visible from earth? Torn between two possibilities, picked the wrong one.
3. Movies – What was the total number of “Planet of the Apes” movies made between 1968 and 1973? Brad and John the heroes here…
Round Six
1. Literature – Published in 1862, what novel, sometimes translated to “The Poor Ones,” was given to all Confederate generals in the U.S. Civil War because they felt the book symbolized their cause? I do declare that we will all read….this book.
2. Mythology – What did Odin trade in exchange for gaining wisdom?
3. Children’s TV – What “Sesame Street” character was originally orange, but later changed to green? And this one was “too young” for Brad…
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 31 to 64, with Taco Salad again in first. We were in third behind Joey Tribbiani, who had 59 points, with 58 points.
Final Category – Oil
The Drake Well was the first commercial oil well in 1859, which star ted the first wave of investment drilling in what Eastern U.S. state? Brad knew this one right away…and most teams got this one correct. The teams ahead of us wagered too low, so we wound up in first with 116 points, with Team Pants just behind us with 114 points, and Pocket Pool Sharks in third with 112 points (they moved up from fifth). Well that’s all, folks! We’ll be taking a break from Wurst next week, but will be back when the new season begins! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Yusuf Islam!

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