Trivia Recap – March 29, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

What’s on your “bucket list?” Climbing Mount Everest? Going on a day-long bender with Hunter S. Thompson? Commandeering a time machine to do any number of cool things (all of which will ultimately result in Biff Tannen being in charge of everything)? Wait, is Biff in charge of everything NOW? Did I just write that or just think it? Just in case Mr. Tannen reads this, we salute you, our blonde toupeed overlord! You are the best person in charge of everything ever…of all time! Ahem… as for our trivia team’s “bucket list,” one of the things we’ve always talked about doing is rolling a D20 (that means 20-sided die for you non D&D gamers) to determine how many points to wager on a final question on trivia night! And that’s exactly what Mike and I did when we had a final Sporcle Live question about “TV Appearances” at Johnny’s Grill. Some of you probably already know that we’re kind of hit and miss with TV questions…so I got out my dice bag and rolled a D20 to determine our wager…which wound up being a six. This was just enough to put us in second in game one, and win a $10 gift certificate. For game two, we just wagered 20 (without rolling the D20) and got the question correct, which means we got a $20 gift certificate for game two, 139 total points, first for the night. Not too shabby, we’ll take that little taste of victory! Really, we haven’t won a first-place in a Sporcle game for just about a month, though we have won quite a few second place prizes (which we call “bridesmaid” prizes). Lady luck was on our side, with a good deal of the questions happily happening to be in our “wheelhouse,” even some of the “sportsball” questions (IKR)! About those questions…
Game One
1. Twelve-letter words – What 12-letter word means “beginning” and is also another word for a graduation ceremony?
2. Presidents – Name two U.S. presidents whose last name begin with the letter P?
3. College Teams – The athletic teams at San Diego State share their name with what ethnic group in Mexico? Thanks for that “ethnic group” hint!
4. Rappers – “What’s My Name” was a single from what rapper’s “And Then There Was X” album released in 1999? Our only miss of the round for 1.
5. Announcers – Game show announcer Rod Roddy has what three-word catchphrase inscribed on his tombstone? I “bet” Mike $2 before the game that this question would NOT be about a sports announcer. But he refused to take the bet, so no $2 for me!
6. Classic Literature – “Inferno” is the first part of what epic poem by Italian poet Dante? One of Mike’s favorite things to read in the bathroom (get your minds out of the gutter, people!)
7. Anatomy – Pulmonology is the study of diseases of what organ? Re-racked here for success.
8. Company Logos – What color is the square logo for H&R Block? Thank goodness this is the tax software we use so that Mike remembered this…
9. ’90s Movies – In the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” what team did wide receiver Rod Tidwell play for? FB clue.
10. Geography – Other than the United States, name of of the two other countries bordering Mexico. For an extra “nerd” bonus, name both. Got them both.
Mystery – Double Ds (yes, this sparked some snickering from the peanut gallery…and some off-color doodling) – all responses with be two words beginning with D
1. Electronic transfer of funds from payer to payee
2. Actor who played “Screech” on “Saved by the Bell”
3. Yoga position where hands and feet are placed on the floor and the hips are turned upward
4. Operation (two words), Danny Glover movie about transporting an elephant
Got them all.
Scores: Venus Fly Trap, 60; Flash, 60; Your Mom Says Hi, 63; More Beer Less Pants, 65; We Take Care of Shit, 65; Stephen Hawking’s Dance Academy, 66; and Zach, Miri and Hank the Octopus Make a Tentacle Porno (aka ‘Pods), 66.
Final Category – TV Appearances
What singer appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show a record 27 times, more than any other woman besides Gayle King?
Final Scores: ‘Pods, 60; Your Mom Says Hi, 63 (zero wager).
Game Two
1. Subtitles – What film had a 2013 sequel called “The Legend Continues?”
2. Remedies – What over-the-counter brand manufactures Nyquil and Dayquil?
3. Stadiums – Name either team that plays in the Pepsi Center (the hints given to us that they are NBA and NHL teams). Yes, we got this one! I remembered this because I recalled watching a hockey game on TV broadcast from this place before. Yay brain for cooperating on trivia night! I owe you one!
4. Models – Who created “America’s Next Top Model?” For “nerd” bonus point, what year did this show debut? We almost put the right year, but changed it to a later one…ooops.
5. Studies- Graphology is the analysis and study of what human practice?
6. ’80s Hits – This was initially supposed to be an audio clue, but Sporcle Live Host Elyse experienced some “technical difficulties.” So she read the “non-audio” version of the question (which was much, much harder: “What early 1980s song begins with the lyrics ‘Gotta make a move to a town that’s right for me?'” We handed in our slip for big points here, then Elyse’s audio file decided to cooperate, so she played the audio clip of the song. I have never experienced such agony watching the other teams try to come up with this answer! It really was painful to see! Elyse rewarded the teams who knew the answer without the audio clue the points plus an extra bonus point (thanks for that, BTW)!
7. Nutrition – What brand of infant formula launched in the 1920s includes varieties such as “Go and Grow” and “Pure Biliss?” Miss…jeez, it’s been SO long since I’ve had any formula, forgive me for not remembering this experience better! Yes, I was a “formula baby.” It was kind of “the” thing to do in the 1970s, apparently…
8. Geologic Terms – What is the geologic term for soil that has been frozen for two or more years?
9. World Leaders – Dilma Roussef was president of what country with more than 200 million people before being impeached in 2016?
10. Inventions – U.S. Civil War general Abner Doubleday is often mistakenly credited with inventing what sports in 1839?
Mystery – Missed #4 (though we considered the correct answer)
Scores – Venus Fly Traps, 43; Your Mom Says Hi, 56; MBLP, 58; Stephen Hawking’s Dance Academy, 58; ‘Pods, 59; Flash, 59; We Take Care of Shit, 60.
Final Category – Directors
Other than Damien Chazelle, who directed “La La Land,” name one of the other four directors who have won the Academy Award for Best Director since 1980 AND were younger than 40 at the time of the award.
We’ve been burned by more final questions in this category than I can count…(screw you, Clint Eastwood, and Woody Allen, too #overratteddirectors). So I went to work listing best picture films since 1980, figuring that at least one of them was helmed by a young enough director to be correct, putting directors with as many films as I could. Whew, got it! And apparently ours was the only team in the bar getting this correct (seriously, this kind of thing RARELY happens with our team, so pardon us if we seemed a bit too celebratory last night…woot!). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, that weird neighbor kid in “American Beauty.” I think his name was Ricky, and he sold Lester drugs and filmed people surreptitiously, when he wasn’t busy ogling plastic bags flying in the wind. Which are apparently very, very beautiful (rolls eyes). Until next time, which will be our “team” night tonight at The Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live hosted by Stacy. We’ll see y’all in the next recap Thursday (or possibly Friday).

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