Trivia Recap – March 27, 2017 – YpsiAlehouse

Sometimes it’s strange how a “trivia night” comes together. Sunday, I thought it would just be us “three amigos” – myself, Mike and Brad. Yet while we were driving out to the game, I got two text messages from players asking if we were playing tonight! What? I’m getting people OFFERING to come out for trivia? What kind of madness is this? 🙂 I’ve become so used to playing with slimmed-down teams, often with just 1-2 of us keeping the “bench” warm, and I’ve also gotten used to having to beg, borrow and bribe (yes, bribe…) people from outside the team to play for us – or even “as” us in tournament games! Nonetheless, it was nice having two extra players in the mix Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse for a Sporcle and Shine with Emily game (thanks John and Joel for making it out). We finished in third for the night, won a $10 gift card for second place in game one, 117 total points for the night. We unfortunately failed to think of one of the most populous nations in the WORLD when brainstorming our final question answer for game two! Oh the humanity! And it was very nice hearing at least a couple of other teams saying “Go Pods” when the scores were read (and I told myself I wasn’t going to cry…sniffle). Such warm fuzzies! I can’t…even. What I can do is type up those questions already!
Game One
1. City Nicknames – The city of Homer, Alaska is known as the halibut capital of the world and is located in which U.S. state?
2. Clothing – What brand name owned by Levi’s uses an anchor in its logo?
3, Animated Characters – In the short animated 1983 film Disney’s Christmas Carol, what character is played by Mickey Mouse?
4. ’50s Hits – What 1955 single that references a V8 Ford, and a Cadillac Coupe DeVille was Chuck Berry’s first hit single? We discussed the right song, but missed it…wow, a Sporcle question too old for us? And shame on us for not reviewing Mr. Berry’s discography after he recently died. Bad trivia team! Bad trivia team! Now let’s go to our rooms and memorize all of Chuck Berry’s hit singles already, because “you never can tell” if questions about them will come up in a trivia game? See what I did there? Groan…
5. Elements – Name one of the first two elements on the Periodic Table with two instances of the letter “O” in their names. Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus. Came up with one easily, and I came up with the second one while just randomly listing some elements. Woot!
6. Rookies – Who won the American League Rookie of the Year the same season Bryce Harper was the National League Rookie of the Year?
7. Construction – What natural building material native to the American Southwest has a Spanish-derived name meaning mud bricks? And bam…commence the silly jokes about poo…
8. Sequels – The 1997 film “I Know What You Did Last Summer” had a 1998 sequel with what one additional word in its name?
9. Famous Firsts – Kay Orr, Barbara Roberts and Christine Todd Whitman were the first women in their respective states to hold what governmental position? Discussed the right answer, but nope…miss. Can someone smack me in the head with a mud brick as punishment, please? Take a number! You’ll all get a turn! 🙂
10. ’90s TV – What TV series that aired from 1993 to 2001 starred Dick Van Dyke as a physician who also worked as a consultant with the police department? We had a very similar question last year in a My Trivia Live game that we missed. I was playing with Ang at the Wurst Bar, and we had no idea what to put down for the answer. But the “funny” answer we put down wound up taking on a life of its own – “Mary Tyler Moore Mysteries.” Its theme song lyrics would be, “We’re going to solve it after all…” And then Mary would throw her detective hat in the air. Now come on…who wouldn’t want to watch that series? Too bad MTM is dead (RIP, MTM). Oh yeah, we got the question right this time!
Mystery – Double “P” words
1. Letter between iota and lambda in the Greek alphabet
2. German word for look-alike
3. Barbie’s kid sister
4. A large area of flat unforested grassland in Eurasia
How #4 managed to inspire a conversation about Mike’s sister? I’m not quite sure….(oy) Got them all.
Scores: eight teams, scores 24 to 67, with Teamy McTeamface in first. We were in fourth with 62 points.
Final Category – Candy
When Runts candy was introduced in 1982, they came in the shape, color, and flavor of five different fruits.
Name four of those five fruits.
And apparently I drew a phallic looking version of one of these fruits. And it wound up being turned into a caterpillar. At least I didn’t draw a “dicktaphone” like certain other players have done during games before (cough)…seriously…why do I even provide them with scrap paper? Such complete maturity! Not…
Got it…
Final standings: ‘Pods, 82; Annie’s College Fund, 86.
Game Two
1. Docs – Noted “Wild West” figure “Doc” Holliday got his nickname because he had a degree in what? Dear Cthulhu…I don’t even want to think about how they went about this practice way back then. My head hurts just thinking about it!
2. Debut Albums – What was the four-word title of a Norah Jones album released in 2002, which shared a name with one of the album’s singles? So close…but nope.
3. Speeches – Audio clip of Tom Hanks giving an Oscar acceptance speech, had to identify the year within one.
4. Books – What Washington Post reporter wrote “Bush At War” and “Obama’s Wars,” among other books?
5. NHL Teams – What is the name of the Las Vegas NHL team that will begin play in the 2017-2018 season?
6. TV Title Characters – Who is the title character of a series that aired from 2007 to 2012 and featured characters named John, Sarah and Morgan? Vaguesville…miss.
7. Desserts – What common dessert item takes its named from the Dutch word meaning “little cake?”
8. Landmarks – Named for the railway company that built it, what do the letters “CN” stand for in the Toronto building “CN Tower?” Overthought this one….miss.
9. Film Inspirations – The 2012 film “Magic Mike” is based on what real-life actor’s experiences as a stripper? From now on, BOYS, listen to the only female’s input when it comes to questions like these! IMHO, this guy’s body IS pretty hot, but his face is kinda strange…but very few movie viewing heterosexual females would think about kicking him out of bed, lol…Miss. And his name is in the wrong order. Just had to throw that out there!
10. Computers – What computer operating system released in 1991 uses a penguin named Tux in its logo?
Mystery – Got them all…I was worried the presidents who were born the same year would be on this list (whew!). Mental note…memorize the birth dates of presidents born in 1913, 1924 and 1946! And maybe I just gave trivia ‘homework” to people reading this!
Scores – Seven teams, scores 35 to 63, with Teamy McTeamface in first. we were in third with 55 points.
Final Category – Colonies
British West Africa was the collective name for the British colonies in West Africa.
Name two of the four current nations that were once part of British West Africa, all of which have a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.
We really put a lot of effort into this one, but nope, getting it right was not to be…
Final Scores: Annie’s College Fund, 78; Teamy McTeamface, 79.
Until next time….Tuesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Bob Woodward!

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