Trivia Recap – March 30, 2017 Wurst Bar

We came SO close to having a perfect My Trivia Live game hosted by Stacy last night…now if only we had a true home-ec “goddess” playing with us who would know how many tablespoons are in a cup…c’est la vie! Still good teamwork all around, though beer money eluded us. This time we had myself, Mike, Brad, John and Joel, we managed 70 points before the final question, which we missed on a virtual coin toss. Again, c’est la vie, que sera, sera! And the questions…
Round One
1. States – Florida established what as their official state beverage in 1967?
2. Food – What size of egg is heavier, jumbo or XL?
3. Hawaii – On what island is Diamond Head located?
Round Two
1. Sports – For what team was Pete Rose a player and a manager?
2. Movies- What sport is mentioned in the title of a 1995 Leonardo di Caprio film?
3. Rock – According to “Schoolhouse Rock,” what part of speech is “What’s Happening?” For an extra three point bonus, what was the name of the far-out science teacher from “Schoolhouse Rock” who taught viewers about the solar system? John nailed both parts of these, woot!
Round Three
1. Wine – What needs to be added to grape juice to turn sugar into alcohol
2. Advertising – What product was advertised by people who begged of it, “Take me away?”
3. Michigan – Camp Grayling is a training base for what branch of the military? We camped near here at Lake Margrethe a couple of years ago…we were close enough to hear “Reveille” in the morning and “Taps” in the evening. Mike, a former Army “brat,” was overjoyed…
Halftime – Of the first 10 elements on the Periodic Table, name four whose names have more than one letter in their symbols.
And thus concludes a perfect first half….
Scores: Smart Fellas 19; Chicks with Dicks, 23; My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem, 25; Team Pants, 26; Pocket Pool Sharks, 27; Triple ???, 28, ‘Pods, 40.
Round Four
1. Roller Coasters – At 456 feet tall, in which US state is Kingda Ka, the world’s tallest roller coaster? Newsletter…
2. Game Shows – What show did Bob Barker host for 18 years before hosting “The Price is Right? Another team called “shenanigans” on this, and since no teams got it, we had this replacement question:
2. Video Games – What classic Atari arcade game from the 1980s allowed players to control a race car?
3. Music – According to the song “Yakety Yak,” what won’t you do no more if you don’t scrub the floor? Mike was all over this…and he sung the song while doing his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression…awesome…
Round Five
1. Elements – What element is converted to plutonium in a nuclear reactor?
2. Presidents – What president had to re-take the oath of office the next day because Chief Justice John Roberts said the word “faithfully” out of sequence?
3. Directors – Name one of the two films for which Oliver Stone won the Academy Award for best director.
Round Six
1. Sports – What 1996 Olympic event had two men’s squads playing against each other for the gold medal?
2. Measurements – How many tablespoons equal a cup? First miss of the game…for SIX.
3. SCIENCE! – What part of the body does a podiatrist treat?
Scores – Team #8, 18; Chicks with Dicks, 41; Pocket Pool Sharks, 45; Smart Fellas, 45; My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem (did not catch their score), Triple Threat, 56; Team Pants, 60; and ‘Pods, 70.
Final Category – Deaths
Excluding man, what animal or insect directly kills about 53 people a year, more than any other in the U.S.?
Lots and lots of discussion, and the right answer was mentioned, but alas, not written on the slip. Until next time, which is TBD (not tonight). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Interplanet Janet!

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