Have a Cold? Reach For A Stout! Also, A “Rerun” From Two Years Ago…

Hey blog readers. As some of you know, I canceled Monday night’s trivial pursuits because of this pesky cold which I didn’t want to pass on to my friend Brad (who has some immune system issues). I did wind up going out for a “nightcap” well past game time with my husband (there comes a point where you just have to take a shower and get your ass off the couch no matter HOW you feel). If you have a cold and are in a bar, try a stout! Guinness is…”OK,” but if you live in Michigan, there are countless other delicious ones you can try made by the many “craft” breweries throughout the state. Many are flavored with things such as coffee/espresso, or even things such as peanut  butter and fruits. The one I had last night was a basic “Irish” stout – full-bodied with some “roasty” undertones.


Our bartender Kevin last night wisely recommended we get one from the “nitro” tap (which is hand-pulled and typically served at cellar temperature). Man…that Faricy Fest stout had the texture and consistency of a milk shake! Really helped soothe both the soul…and my beleaguered sinuses! I almost always reach for stouts when I have a cold. Avoid the IPAs. The heavy hops can be a bit…irritating. Though there are certain instances when I’ll reach for the hoppier brews for other kinds of body complaints unrelated to the common cold.

I’m feeling much better today. Chances of going out for a trivia game tonight are…quite high! Which means I’ll have a recap posted on Wednesday.

If any of you are in recap withdrawal and can’t wait for me to post a recap on Wednesday, here’s a recap from about two years ago at Johnny’s Grill…click here.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!


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