Heather’s Birthday Trivia Questions – February 11, 2016


Ypsi bore witness to the ultimate test in cerebral fitness Thursday. More specifically, a group of mostly ‘Pods and a handful of other friends/family members who gathered for ‘Pods team captain Heather’s birthday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. There, partygoers competed in a very unique trivia contest, involving both questions one might encounter at a typical pub trivia game – and some more….unusual questions. All written by the birthday girl herself! This photo, BTW, is from her unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid. Turns out the “Eat More Spam” platform played well with “Monty Python” fans, but not so well with vegetarians and orthodox Jews, lol. Special thanks to Archie C. from the Corn Fritters for being the “MC” and reading all of the questions! And Mike for grading them 🙂 Participants included Brad, Dave K., Geoff and John from the ‘Pods team; Scott and Angie from More Beer Less Pants, Amy W., and Mike and Kyungjin R. Only one round was played, though enough questions were written for two full rounds, Tiebreaker questions were not used, but were still waiting in the wings should any ties arose. And the questions…
Game One
1. Movie Quotes – From what 2008 film would you hear this profane quote? “It’s a slippery slope – beer, liquor, dope, meth, chicks with dicks, then jail?” Multiple choice – Get Him to the Greek, Tropic Thunder, Love Actually, or Hamlet 2. Three players actually guessed “Love Actually,” even though that was the “joke” answer. One team got it correct (go team “Scrangie!”)
2. Song Lyrics – Name the two real-life people mentioned by name in the Murray Head song “One Night in Bangkok?” Most got one, but no one got both. Nerd bonus one: Name both male members of Abba (no umlauts required). Nobody got both, though some knew the first name of at least one of them. Nerd bonus 2: What 1994 comedy film starring Toni Colette featured Abba music? No one got the movie one, lots of guesses for “Mamma Mia!”
3. Beer- Fraoch Heather Ale is brewed with Heather flowers and is imported from where? HINT: It it not necessarily a sovereign nation. Nerd bonus: What is Heather’s go-to liquor of choice? Brand name not required. Three teams/players got this correct.
4. Bowl Games – What bowl game with a fruity name was held in the Pontiac Silverdome in 1984 and 1985? This question heavily favored people who have lived in Michigan for the past 30 years or more. Only two players/teams missed this.
5. TV Shows – On what ’80s TV series did Heather Locklear play a character named Sami Jo? A couple of players got this right. One guess for “Fall Guy.”
6. MLB Teams – Name three players on the 1984 Detroit Tigers roster. Nerd bonus: What team did the Tigers defeat in the 1984 World Series? Again, a “Michigan” question.
7. Birth Names – As is a common tradition among Heather’s family members, her brother Mike goes by his middle name instead of his first name, which begins with the letter “H.” What is that name? A couple of people got this one right. Guesses of Horace, Hagar, Howard, and Helmut – two teams got the correct name. Whomever put down “Hagar” got a bonus point for humor.
8. World Capitals – Havana is the capital of what country? Players were allowed, once per game, to declare a non-multiple choice question an “Oh God I so Know This” question and get double points. This one was cashed in for double points by a few players and was the first “social” of the game!
9. Classic Songs – Besides Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles, name two other cities mentioned by name in the Nat King Cole song “Route 66?” Bonus point awarded for each additional city. Shout out to team Amy/Dave for coming up with more cities than any other team on this one! And Heather “sung” the answer to this one, though the version she sang was the cover version by Depeche Mode, not the Nat King Cole version.
10. Crime and Punishment – For what transgression was Heather called into the principal’s office in the second grade? Multiple choice – Smoking, fighting, cutting class, or cheating on a test? Three people/teams got it correct.
Mystery – Identify the following people based on the clues given about people Heather met and/or wrote about while she worked as a reporter.
1. Former Detroit Red Wing player born in 1928
2. Feminist icon known for co-founding “Ms.” magazine
3. Former Detroit Tigers radio announcer
4. Former Detroit area news anchor and furniture store pitch man
Final Category: Players were allowed to wager up to their full allotment of points on the category Professional Sports Teams.
There are seven professional sports teams in North America whose mascots begin with the letters “H” or “N.” Name three of those teams. Locations of the teams must be included in your answer. Also, answers must include at least one “H” team and one “N” team. Only one team/player missed this one (nice work!).
Game winners: Brad, first place; Geoff and Dave/Amy second place (both got a prize), and team “Scrangie,” third place.
Game Two
1. Musical Instruments – What musical instrument did Heather play in high school? Multiple choice – Clarinet, saxophone, flute, or oboe? Bonus: Name any other musical instruments Heather can play.
2. NBA – What team did the Detroit Pistons defeat in the 1990 NBA Finals? Nerd bonus: What significant life event happened that day in Heather’s life?
3. Dog Breeds – What official American Kennel Club dog breed is known in Norwegian as Elghund?
4. Historical Events – What labor-related event occurred on this day in Flint, MI in 1937? Bonus: On this day in 1990, what future world leader was the primary focus of news coverage?
5. Guitarists – What blues guitarist performs on the David Bowie single “Let’s Dance?”
6. ’80s Songs – The Peter Gabriel song “In Your Eyes” is thought to be about what “Pulp Fiction” actress, with whom he lived for several years? HINT: An early ’80s band had a hit song named for this woman.
7. Celebrity Deaths – What pop singer was found dead in a bathtub on this day in 2012?
8. TV Theme Songs – What TV series debuting in 1999 features the lyrics, “Check out the cans on this chick named Heather?”
9. The Simpsons – Voiced by actor Phil Hartman, who is Heather’s favorite “Simpsons” character? Nerd bonus: Name two movies or TV shows – besides SNL – in which Hartman was credited.
10. Plants – What poisonous berry did Heather and a friend eat in 1976 which prompted a visit to the emergency room? Multiple choice: Horse nettle, nightshade, poke cherries or wild cherries?
Bonus: What is Heather’s favorite flower? It is NOT Heather, and grows wild in Michigan, among other places.
Mystery: Things that start with “H.”
1. Academy-award winning actress with four Oscars
2. Periodic Table element with the symbol He
3. Twenty-third president of the United States
4. Capital city of Vietnam
Final Category: Countries of the World
There are three sovereign nations of the world that begin with the letter “H.” Name them. EXTRA BONUS: What is the largest sovereign nation of the world, by area, excluding overseas territories, beginning with the letter “N?”
Tiebreaker questions:
1. What is the total number of film and TV credits for actress Heather Graham?
2. In what year did the musical “Chess” end its run on London’s West End?
3. How many career home runs did Kirk Gibson have?
4. In how many episodes of “Melrose Place” did Heather Locklear appear?
5. How many total years elapsed between the deaths of President William Henry Harrison and Warren G. Harding?
6. In what year did Adolphe Sax patent the saxophone?
7. In what year were the Carolina Hurricanes founded?
8. How much money did Tropic Thunder make in the domestic box office?
9. What is the straight-line distance between St. Louis, MO and San Bernardino, CA?
Go Pods!

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