Trivia Recap – August 8, 2016 (Sporcle Finals)

Our “core three” ‘Pods – Heather, Mike and Brad – were the only players available from our team to go to the “big dance,” aka the Sporcle Live Pub Champions League Championship on Sunday. But we had a couple of “loaners” from longtime trivia team Corn Fritters – Archie and their team captain Mike step in and play with us. We did not do poorly overall – we were in the top 10 teams going into the second game, and in the top 20 going into the final. Apparently, only one team managed to get that question correct. Special thanks to Scott from More Beer Less Pants for providing the question set, and also congrats to their team for finishing in fourth overall. Though there were a couple of tense moments “You’re supposed to know best pictures,” and “You’re supposed to know political stuff?” No divorce proceedings are in the works! More about all of that when we get to the question commentary, some of which will be kind of insane. Read on if you dare! We will differentiate between the two Mikes using initials – the Mike who plays with the ‘Pods is Mike R., the Mike that plays with the Fritters is Mike S.
1) A Google “doodle” in 2012 celebrated the birthday of what painter, depicting him painting a landscape while a squirrel sits on his shoulder? Mike R. is an artist and used to watch his show. He got this one but for only 3.
2) Who is the highest grossing actress, with $3.3 billion in worldwide box office gross, despite having no Academy Award nominations? Miss for 5. We went with Emma Watson.
3) What company has used a talking pig named Maxwell in commercials since 2012? Finally used our 10 point slip!
4) What is the largest source of renewable energy in the US: a) solar, b) geothermal, c) hydroelectric d) wind? Got this for 7.
5) Actor Chris Noth has appeared in over 40 episodes in each of three television series. Name 2 of 3. Mike S. for his first big hit of the game for 9.
6) Other than Antarctica, which of the 7 continents has NOT produced a Master’s tournament winner? Miss for 4.
7) In the 1980’s, two film soundtracks reached #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart for 18 or more weeks, coming out 3 years apart. Name both. After blowing the ’80s music question in the last finals about duets, I worked really, really hard on this one. First I thought about a different soundtrack, then thought about the right one. Got this for 8, woot!
8) Who was named Time’s “Man of the Decade” on January 1, 1990? We debated a couple of different guys, but nope, did not pick the right one, miss for 2.
9) I-65 travels through 2 of the top 30 most populous cities in the US, both ending with the same five letters. Name them. Nope, miss for 1.
10) In 1989, for their 25th anniversary, Lucky Charms introduced a new marshmallow, which is still part of the cereal today. What is the shape and color of the marshmallow? Miss for 6. It’s all Mom’s fault – she didn’t let us kids eat “junk” cereal when were kids. Though we were allowed to put sugar on our corn flakes. Go figure…
Mystery – Music Ladder
Each answer will have a word in common with the previous answer.

a) Alternative band with two hit songs, “Runaway Train” and “Misery”, both released in the 1990s.
b) Shared title of different songs by Huey Lewis & the News and T’Pau.
c) 1969 song by Jackie DeShannon with the lyric, “and the world will be a better place”.
d) 1978 single “Reminiscing” by what Australian soft rock band.

Got all of the mystery round, thanks to teamwork between Archie and I (fist-bump!). Those last two were tough!
We had 45 points going into the second game, nine points behind the team in first, More Beer Less Pants.
Game Two
11) The final two selections in Oprah’s original Book Club, in December 2010, were a pair of well known novels by what author, more than a century after they were originally published? Nope, miss for 1.
12) What is the first name of either of the US civilians executed for espionage during the cold war? I wrote about these two in a college history class. I think I used the phrase “nuclear family,” lol…got this for 10.
13) What band or artist released the most recent #1 song with the name of a US state in the title? Miss for 2, we went with Alicia Keys.
14) What is the common name for the optical condition known as Amblyopia? Marian, this question was written just for you! Miss for 5.
15) What Midwestern US city is the birthplace of the actress who plays the title character on The Unbreakable Kimmee Schmidt? She is a member of a wealthy family whose name is associated with a arena in the city, the former home to an NHL team called the Scouts? Brad knew this one for 9 based on the NHL clue.
16) What company, a successor to Standard Oil, shares its name with and insignia that could be found on the sleeves of a uniform? Mike S. and Archie teamwork for 8.
17) There are five films that have won the Best Picture Oscar, with a possessive apostrophe on a word in the title. On two occasions, that word was the same. Name both films. I managed to name all of the best pictures with possessive apostrophes. Just not the ones we needed. Mike R. was a little ticked about missing this – “But you’re supposed to know Oscar stuff.” Sigh…”Just stick that knife in, dear! Give it a good twist!” In my defense, it’s rare when our team misses questions specifically about best picture titles, Of course it’s going to happen in a tournament game (facepalm). But in the words of Cher in “Moonstruck” when Nicolas Cage professes his love for her? “Snap out of it!” Let’s move on with the game, shall we? Missed this for 3. For inquiring minds? No actual slapping occurred, but there may have been some rated PG-13 name calling involved!
18) The Super Bowl has been played in two of the original 13 US states. Name both of those states. Nice work Brad, Archie,and Mike S. And I helped a little…4.
19) Since 1992, in a standard Boggle game the letter “F” can only be found on one die, which also contains the single occurrence of another letter, in an attempt to discourage players from making “adult” words. What is that other letter? Mike R. is our second best expert on adult words, and nailed this one for 7.
20) There are eight sovereign nations with short-form English names ending in “-land”. Which one comes last alphabetically? Just to make sure we didn’t blow our points? We wrote down all eight of these f—ing nations. And apparently I can’t find that word in Boggle, lol…got this for 6.

Mystery – Trump Tweets
Who is Trump insulting in these tweets?

a) 8/10/15 – “Truly weird Senator (blank) of Kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain”
8/9/15 – “I just realized if you listen to (blank) for more than 10 minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. She has zero chance”
c) 6/11/16 – “ (blank) had his chance to beat a failed president, but he choked like a dog. Now he calls me racist – but I’m the least racist person there is”
d) 2/6/16 – “Wow, (blank), whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. Not nice!’

Ahem…we missed two of these. A certain person who is “supposed” to know political stuff missed the first two. Jussayn…and for more points than that Oscars question. Yep… Again, no actual slapping occurred! 🙂

We had 93 points going into the final question, and were in 18th place. More Beer Less Pants was in first with 112 points.

Final – Money Making Movies

George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon appeared together in Ocean’s Eleven, which grossed $183 million. The three have appeared individually in five films that have each grossed more than $200 million. Name 4 of those 5 films.
We only managed to get three correct, put down a movie that did far better overseas than it did domestically starring one of these actors.
Final Standings; Irish Exits, 81; MBLP, 82; Magnets How Do They Work, 83 (only team to get it correct as per the rumors), Red Headed Step Monkeys, 90; and Better Late Than Never, 100.
So that’s the story of this season…as for our next trivia outing? Glasshouse Brewing of Ann Arbor will be where we’ll head out for Sporcle Live with Liz on Tuesday for a special engagement! And on the horizon we have the My Trivia Live semifinals on Saturday, Aug. 13. Go Pods! Go GDX! Stay classy, y’all!

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