Looks Like I’ll Have To Start Dreaming Up Birthday Trivia Questions!

In February, 2016, I invited friends, “trivia comrades” and even a couple of family members out to a local bar for a unique trivia contest. I even had gift cards and certificates from previous trivia games (including a couple I’d paid for out of my own pocket) to give out as prizes to winners – and staged a trivia contest dedicated to my birthday. Here’s the twist – the questions were NOT all about me – but were about the various topics with which I was obsessed at the time – and in some cases, have been obsessed with my whole life! Players had score sheets and score slips, and could even play as individuals or as teams. I allowed one question per game to be a “double points” question that would allow players to get double points on a “gimme” question (such as Havana is the capital of what Caribbean nation)? You can read the questions for that game here.


This is one of my favorite “birthday” photos. That look on my face is definitely “caption contest” material! It’s kind of a combo of “Why are you taking my picture” and “Why are you not letting me eat that delicious cake?”


I did the same thing in 2017, but changed the spot in which we played that game. Read the questions here and here.

In 2018, there was a trivia tournament going on the same weekend as my birthday – and in the previous couple of weeks I had been feeling under the weather because of a nasty cold, so I didn’t plan a birthday gathering (though I still wrote questions, which you can see here). How bad was the cold? Well, we had a trivia question about Kleenex in a semifinal that I knew the answer to because of my insatiable curiosity – and …unending supply of snot! Yes, I became so fraught with snot that I looked up whether they still made “Mansize” tissues anymore (I had been using paper towels to blow my nose – don’t hate – they actually got the job done quite well). In answer to my query about “Mansize Kleenex,” yes they do make them – but you can only order them online. And now the name has changed because of the “PC Police!” I’m not getting into any kind of discussion about whether or not it was “right” to change the name – but I remembered that one of my aunts whom lived in Flint, MI always had the “giant” Kleenex at her house, and I was just curious about whether you could still get them.

You can read more about the name change in an article here.


The new name will be “Kleenex Extra Large.” Remember that, lest the trivia gods ask about this in a trivia game! Or if I ask about it in my next set of birthday trivia questions (hint, hint)!

I haven’t been going out to as many trivia games as I have in the past, so I don’t have any extra trivia prizes lying around to give to people – so I’m not doing the “trivia party” for my birthday this year. However…I WILL be attempting to put together a larger than usual team for a trivia game Wednesday, February 13 at the Corner Brewery! Two reasons – one my birthday is “around” that time – and two – that will mark the seventh anniversary of the first time trivia was offered in that bar. Maybe after the game, I’ll quiz the players on some “me” trivia questions – or maybe I won’t. But I’m still planning on writing them anyway! About that…

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