Trivia Recap – May 7, 2016 (MTL Semifinals, Wurst Bar)

Hi, it’s H.R. here. I visited The Wurst Bar to sit in on a My Trivia Live semifinal game Saturday. This was purely a “scouting” mission. My MTL Team “Generation Double X” (or GDX for short) has only been playing as a league team for a few weeks, so we have not yet qualified for any tournaments. Also a friend of mine who normally writes re-caps of MTL tourney games was not able to attend – and there is no “i” in team! So I went out for this game, and wrote up the questions…I “played along” as if I was playing for real and attempted to answer every question. It was nice having the luxury of looking up my answers afterwards to see if they were correct or not, which I would not have been able to do had I been playing for real. And I got to take bathroom breaks whenever I wanted 🙂

Round one
Politics -Who was the first female vice presidential candidate for a major political party? And who was her running mate? Must give both full names. Got it.
Adult beverages – Introduced in 1993, what clear lightly carbonated alcoholic beverage made by Coors was discontinued in 2008 but is still sold in Japan? Drank this crap in college… Got it.
Libraries – How many classes are in the Dewey Decimal System? Re-cap photo “Conan the Librarian” from UHF. Miss.
Round 2
Languages -Pronounced “Hey,” what country uses the greeting “hej?” Miss.
Companies – Singer Carly Simon is the daughter of the co-founder of what company? A former Yardbird member Paul Samwell-Smith went on to produce some of her records after leaving the Yardbirds, along with those of her one-time boyfriend Cat Stevens. They both wrote songs about each other, though her signature song You’re So Vain is apparently not one of those songs. Anticipation is supposedly about him. And ketchup, lol. Yes, I admit it – song inspirations is one of my “pet” categories. Don’t get me started on Rosanna Arquette – or Pattie Boyd!
Typing – What is the only U.S. state whose name can be typed using one row on a keyboard?
Round 3
Mythology – In Greek mythology, whose face launched a thousand ships?
Cereal – First launched in 1963, what breakfast cereal mascot was replaced with a silhouette and question mark in 1985? Miss.
Actresses – Who was the first African American actress to win an Oscar for best leading actress ?
Halftime: Identify the jobs in the production of a film based on the following descriptions (which have all been re-created via wikipedia):
1. The head of the electrical department for a film production, which translates into “old man.”
2. Second in command, assisting the previously mentioned position.
3. Before filming begins,this person attends location scouts and meets the Director of Photography to determine what additional tools (location-specific motor vehicles, dollies, cranes, mounts, etc.) will be needed, orders and preps required equipment, and transports equipment to the filming location.
4. A person who creates sound effects in post-production. Footsteps, etc.
Missed #4. I knew #2 and #3 because of the movie Tropic Thunder. One of your favorite movies, Mike!
Halftime standings: Eleven teams, scores ranging from 9 to 37 with Combat Wombats in the lead. My “fake” team was in seventh, tied with Our Chances… with 28 points.
Round four
Celebrity Cars – What was the original color of the Cadillac Fleetwood that Elvis repainted pink? This was the only available original color for this model vehicle. Miss.
University rules – At Brigham Young University what do students need permission to grow? It’s not weed, lol…
Baseball – What Detroit Tiger was the first to have his number retired in 1980? And what was that number? Miss, but got the first part. I know, right? Me getting a sportsball question partially correct? What kind of madness is this? 🙂
Round Five
Musicals – What member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ cast wrote the book, lyrics, and consulted on the music for Spamalot? I know all of these guys and had it narrowed down to two. Picked the wrong one. Miss.
Diseases – What deadly smallpox relative was accidentally discovered by Australian scientists in 2001? Miss.
Tribes – Which of the 12 tribes of Israel has a name that means to forget? Miss. I do not know Jewish stuff.
Round Six
Children’s books – Editor Bennett Cerf challenged Dr. Seuss to write a book with as few different words as possible. What book was the result? Miss.
World leaders – What world leader asked for forgiveness in advance before an incident in which he fainted on TV in 2001? This question is heavily abridged….
Numeric words – What is the only number that when spelled out has all its letters in alphabetical order?
Final standings; Eleven teams, scores 35 to 64 with Combat Wombats in first. My team who was not technically playing was in ninth with 38 points.
Final – What largest landlocked country in the world, by land area, joined the World Trade Organization in 2015?
Really? Trivia 101! I would have finished with 76 points!
And the teams advancing were: 1st: Second Half Slackers(113 total points)
2nd: That’s What She Said(106 total points)
3rd: #Here (90 total points your hashtag totally outed you)
4th: Burt Macklin, F.B.I(49 total points). Thanks Stacy Louisfor clearing all of this up! Until next time, which will be Sunday at YpsiAlehouse, as always, Go GDX (aka Go Generation Double X, someone recently came up with a good abbreviation for the team, you rock, you know who you are). Go Pods!

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