Trivia Recap May 14, 2016 – (MTL Finals, Aubree’s, South Lyon)

A ragtag team of a couple of ‘Pods and a couple of others hit up the My Trivia Live finals today at Aubree’s Pizzeria & Grill. A trivia comrade of ours who had a finals spot they didn’t need opted to give it to us rather than just put it out at the curb with a “free” sign. And so we assembled a team that included Heather (me) and Mike (from the ‘Pods), Angie (who has played with More Beer Less Pants) and Archie, who plays with the Sporcle Live team called Corn Fritters. Angie and Heather play together weekly on the MTL team called “GDX,” aka Generation Double X. Today, we all put our heads together on some tough, and in some cases, downright strange questions. Finished in 10th out of 39 total teams. Let’s see if I can reconstruct some of these questions, shall I?
Round One
1. I Want My MTV – Who was the first female solo artist to have a video on MTV? We opted for the Australian songstress who rocked the short blonde hair and aerobics outfit. Her biggest hit song was played as a “warm-up” in my fourth grade gym glass. Yes, a song about sex. Miss for 1.
2. World History – According to the Guinness Book of World Records, which person’s killing was the first to be televised (that was not an execution)? We were in the ballpark, but miss for 3.
3. Famous Characters – What famous fictitious character did Peter Mayhew play in five different films in the same franchise? Five points.
Round Two
1. Vacation Destinations – What modern-day convenience is missing from Disney World’s “Liberty Square” area to make it authentic? Discussed the right convenience, but picked a different one. MIss for 1.
2. Michigan Laws – According to the Michigan vehicle code, what is the minimum number of feet that you can park from a fire hydrant that is not in use for an emergency? Got this for 3.
3. Football – What was the first NFL wild card team to win the Super Bowl? Archie steps up for a much-needed five points.
Round Three
1. States – According to 2013 data, what U.S. state has three of the ten busiest waterports? This question is heavily abbreviated. Miss for 1.
2. Artist – What French artist, whose early subjects included busts of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, was born Marie Grosholtz? Her married name is included in some of the most visited 20th century attractions in the 20th century – what is her married name? Miss for 3.
3. U.S History – In what pro-slavery Kansas territory’s city was abolitionist John Brown involved in a massacre in 1856? Another abbreviated question, miss for 5.
Halftime – Identify the music album based on the songs that originally appeared on the album.
1. Little Red Corvette, Prince
2. Dance the Night Away, Van Halen
3. Unchained Melody, Elvis Presley
4. Black or White, Michael Jackson
Missed #3 and #4.
No halftime standings. If they are located, will edit post accordingly! I think we were in seventh with 15 points.
Round Four
1. Movies – What 1996 film starring Kenneth Branagh was the longest first-run movie, according to, at 242 minutes? And I was so excited to know this for big points I accidentally spilled some of Archie’s beer. He was so nice about it, too (there is no crying over spilled beer, after all). Got this for 6. Re-cap photo has a very, very tenuous connection, but could not resist…and someone might have told me earlier that it was their favorite movie (not). Sigh. Not everyone knows greatness when they see it! : )
2. I Want Candy – Name one of the three peanut M& M flavor choices being voted on by the public for the company’s 75th anniversary? Mike nailed this for 4.
3. Animals Stunts – Sunshine Sally and Queenie were the first two elephants to do what human stunt in the 1950s in DeLeon Springs, FL? Miss for 3.
Round Five
1. Baseball – Who was the only MLB player post 1960 with the highest regular season batting average? Archie thought he knew this for 6…and we put the same answer that lots of other teams put down as well. Incorrect…
2. Influential Families – What family’s estate began with 40,000 acres of ranch land in California and included the 115-room Casa Grande? Archie for 2.
3. Famous quotes – Instead of trying to resurrect the quote that was given, here’s another quote by the same person: “We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of universes, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act.” Who said this? Got this for 4.
Round Six
1. Advertising – What actor and beer brand made the line “It works every time” in ’80s advertisements? Must name both the person and the beer. Six points.
2. Crime – Name two of the top three crimes for which law enforcement reported arrests in 2010, according to the FBI? Only managed one, though (cough) we discussed the second correct one. Yes, these things happen… Miss for 2.
3. Food – What food company subjected consumers to a blind taste test in 2015 in which chemicals, colors and preservatives were removed? Four points.
Final Standings: Scores ranged from 13 to 56, with Second Place Slackers in first. We were in fifth with 41 points.
Final Category: Trains Keep A Rollin’
According to data from the 2012 Surface Transportation Board, what U.S. state ranks first, with 434 million tons, a majority of it coal, in the total amount of loads hauled by rail? Wagered 20 and missed.
Did not catch the full names of the three cash winners. Three was “Epic,” ($500, 80 points), Two was “What’s,” winning $250/82 points, and the first place team won $2,500 with 84 points. We will be on an abbreviated trivia schedule next week, but will post re-caps when we play! Stay classy, everyone! Go Pods! And Let’s Go Out There and Make a Difference!

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