Trivia Recap Oct. 1, 2015

We’ve nearly wrapped up the regular trivia season at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Just one more game to go, but it’s looking like we’ll finish in fourth place heading into the Oct. 14 venue tournament. There, we will attempt to defend our venue tournament title from last season, which is not as exciting as it sounds. It does not involve a boxing ring, after all, and there will be no halftime show with expensive commercial spots and potential wardrobe malfunctions. Well, wardrobe malfunctions MIGHT be possible. It all boils down to one last trivia game and that oh-so-important 40 point final wager. It really could be anybody’s game that night. We predict at least eight teams could potentially be qualified by venue tournament time, it’s going to keep Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma on his toes when it comes to scoring, to be sure!
We “broke in” our new player Geoff, a San Diego native who previously taught at UCLA, which he jokingly referred to as the “University of Caucasians Lost in a sea of Asians. Yeah, he’ll fit in nicely with our team!
And on to the questions…
1. Dedications – What 2006 film in which Steve Irwin voices the character “Kev” the elephant seal is dedicated to the memory of him?
2. Sex and the City – Who played Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend Aidan Shaw on Sex and the City? We actually really, really worked hard to get this one. Dave knew it was that guy from “Northern Exposure,” and Heather could only name Rob Morrow as the only male actor she remembered from that show. And no one could come up with anything else he was in, though Dave’s description of him turned out to be dead-on. Miss for 1.
3. Congressman – Gerald Ford represented which U.S. state in the House of Representatives from 1949 to 1973? Almost overthought this one, glad we didn’t.
4. Country Music – Who was the first female solo artist to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1973? Considered the right person, but wrote down another. Oh well, no shame missing a question in this category!
5. European Rivers – The 500-mile Rhone River empties into what body of water? For nerd bonus point, in what country would you find the mouth of the Rhone?
6. SCIENCE! – How many laws of planetary motion were proposed by Johannes Kepler?
7. Alcohol – What brand of alcoholic beverage became popular in the ’70s due to using Billy Dee Williams in its advertising? Oh yeah, memories of booze ads as a child. Those wily marketing geniuses!
8. Political TV – When it debuted in 1954, Joseph McCarthy was the first guest on what CBS show, which is still on the air? The “CBS” qualifier was enough of a clue for us to get this.
9. Awareness – In what color were the charity IPods for the HIV/Africa cause?
10. NFL Players – What NFL wide receiver appeared on the box of Madden NFL 16? Clearly this is a topic we need to study. These questions burn us every time. Miss.
Mystery: Who’s Who? Who’s or Who appears in name of each correct answer based on the clues.
1. 2009 movie starring George Clooney.
2. 1975 Sean Connery film.
3. 1987 Madonna film.
4. 1988 Bob Hoskins film.
Missed #2. Heather came up with #1 at the last second, after saying “I never watch Clooney movies unless they are directed by the Coen Brothers. Turns out this particular movie came off as a cheap knock-off of the Coen Brothers style (at least imho).
Heading into the final: Thirteen teams with scores ranging from 21 to 61, with Two Trivias to Paradise taking the top spot. We were in fourth with 55 points.
Final category: Laws
Following an earlier congressional act, Wyoming became the 50th and last U.S. state to do what, on July 1, 1988?
Final standings: Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 76; Ennui, 79, Two Trivias to Paradise, 80.
Game Two
1. Snacks – What was the first flavor of Doritos? Taco, sour cream and onion, hot sauce or nacho cheese? Old guy Brad remembering eating these as a kid, easy 10 points.
2. City Nicknames – Among other nicknames, what city is known as the “City of Bridges?” We put Portland, but Kuma said the correct answer was Pittsburgh (which we also considered). Kevin from team Ennui has a player who moved to Portland, and found a web site showing Bridge City as one of their nicknames. So the teams that put Portland got the points (thanks Kevin!).
3. ’90s Movies – Audio clue from 1995 film about a pig or something. Yeah, we missed it – but wouldn’t have if we heard “that” line. You know which one…
4. Computers – What company has released the ThinkPad since 2005 after buying it from IBM? Computers guy John to the rescue.
5. Hall of Famers – What MLB player nicknamed “The Kid” spent his 20-year career with the Milwaukee Brewers? Hoorah Brad.
6. 2015 Albums – In 2015, who released their fourth Studio Album called “Everything is 4?” Never heard of the guy, but then our youngest player was born in 1975.
7. Buildings – the compass on the floor in which building divides the building into four quadrants?
8. Remakes – What actor starred in the 2009 remake “The Taking of Pelham 123?” For nerd bonus, name the actor from the 1974 movie. Missed nerd bonus.
9. Reality TV – Our re-cap writer was absent for this question. But it involved the number of contestants for first seven seasons of “Survivor.” We managed to squeak it out. Without Dave, who left after game one. Boo ya!
10. Studies – What branch of physics deals with the science of sound? Something that is notoriously crappy at this bar, imho.
Visual mystery: Missed #1 and #2.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 25 to 64, with Ennui posting the top score. We were in fifth with 54 points.
Final category: Music Producers
What man has won 11 Grammy Awards, many as a writer or producer, including for his work on Boyz II Men’s hit “I’ll Make Love to You”, Eric Clapton’s hit “Change The World”, and Alicia Keys’ album Girl on Fire?
A lot of different answers for this question, including the wrong one that we put down.
Standings: Ennui, 49 (that’s a strange wager, Kevin!), Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, and two Trivias to Paradise, 78 (they got the question right). Until next time, which in this case will be Sunday at ABC in downtown Ann Arbor. We will be looking to play our eighth game there so we can qualify for the Oct. 18 venue tournament there. Back-up plan in case we fail to qualify at Corner. Go Pods!

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