Trivia Recap Sept, 23, 2015 – Johnny’s Grill


Nope, it’s not every day you see someone running through a bar with joy after getting a tough pub trivia question correct. That’s our Dave, he’s such an excitable boy, and we think he will really appreciate this music reference with him being as big of a Warren Zevon fan as he is. Don’t get him started on that “Werewolf of London” song. Seriously, don’t! We took a quartet of ‘Pods out toJohnny’s Grill for Sporcle Live Trivia with KumaTuesday and walked away with one first place/$20 prize and one second place/$10 prize. We ended up with 158 points, our second-highest score of the season from all the places we’ve played. More importantly, we were able to cast aside some of our… ennui, if you will, about these long, long trivia seasons by switching to a different trivia spot. Interesting we mention the word ennui, because that is the name of the current #1 team at Corner Brewery, our “regular” trivia spot! We don’t stand any chance of toppling them from their #1 spot and we haven’t made any real attempt this entire season to do so. But that doesn’t mean that our team, or any other team hovering around the top spots, should be counted out of the running for heading out to the regional Sporcle tournament Oct. 25. It still can be anybody’s game, it’s far too early to predict which team will advance.
And the questions…
Game One
1. New TV Shows – What 2015 TV show is a sequel to a Tom Cruise movie? For nerd bonus, identify the year, within one, in which the movie was released. Got both.
2. Tunnels – In what Eastern city would you find a tunnel as part of I-95 near Fort McHenry? Heb and her knowledge of a particular historical event that happened here came into play for success.
3. Space – Which U.S. president recorded a message that was included on both Voyager spacecraft? Nope, not even close, miss for 1.
4. College mascots – Which Big 10 university mascot’s “first name” is Buckingham? This was a “Bradagory,” or something Brad, one of our absent players, would probably have known. Possibly Chris, too. Miss for 3.
5. Bankruptcy – Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows businesses to reorganize in an effort to pay off debts. What type of bankruptcy covers the liquidation of assets? Dave the hero here…
6. Animals – Who is the only character in the “Lord of the Rings” movies to be able to ride Shadowfax by himself? An easy one for a nerdy group like ours.
7. Classic rock lyrics – After the countdown and the words “turn it up” what are the first five words in “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd? We agonized a bit, but got it, mostly because of Dave. Glad he didn’t listen to Heb when she said “No, that’s a Creedence song.”
8. Statues – The city of Enterprise, Alabama erected a statue of what insect that decimated their cotton crops? It must be an Alabama thing to dedicate a statue to something that kicked your ass, got this one for 8, since there aren’t too many insects that specialize in destroying cotton. Or are there?
9. Title Roles – What former SNL actor starred in the 2001 film “Corky Romano?”
10. Artists – Spencer Tunick is known for organizing mass photography shoots where the subjects wear what?
Mystery: “U” can do it – All answers begin with U
1. Underwear brand made by Fruit of the Loom styled like Superhero outfits.
2. Stage name of Matthew Shafer known for early 2000s hits “Drift Away” and “Follow Me.”
3. Nine letter word for belly button or umbilicus. One of our players does not have a belly button. True story…
4. African nation located on the northwest shores of Lake Victoria.
Got them all. Number three proved to be a bit tricksy for some teams, though.
Heading into the final: Four teams (yes, that’s sad…) with scores ranging from 43 to 65, with Slick Rock Rumble, AKA Real Men of Genius, AKA SOL taking the top spot. We were in second with 63 points, just one point ahead of More Beer Less Pants.
Final category: Home Runs
On September 12, 2015, David Ortiz became the fourth player born in the Dominican Republic to hit 500 home runs in the Major Leagues. Name two of the other three players.
Dave was our only player with sports knowledge and the way he went to work on this question was very collegiate. He closed his ears off to all distractions, and used nearly every available second to come up with his answer. He came up with one easily, but the second one proved to be a little tougher. He wrote down a name, but crossed it off, and wrote down another. Then he crossed off that one and re-wrote the original second guess he had. Good thing he did that. And with that, we took first place in game one, and More Beer Less Pants second place. Despite there not being too many other competing teams, it was still a pretty sweet win, since we are famous for f—ing up final questions such as these, as Dave so eloquently stated while running with glee through the bar, “I never get these final questions right!” Never say never!
Game Two
1. Theme Parks – Universal Studios announced it was teaming up with what video game company to create new theme park attractions? Miss for 1.
2. Surnames – What common last name is also a traditional English occupational name for the maker and repairer or vats and barrels?
3. Military Men – Actors Chuck Norris and Morgan Freeman both served in what branch of the U.S. Armed Services? Every team missed this one.
4. KFC – IN 2004, what NASCAR star became the first person besides Col. Sanders to appear on a KFC bucket?
5. Super Villains – The X-Men villain Magneto comes from what country? There was actually more than one possible answer to this question, as our player John was able to prove to the trivia host, which ended up getting us the points. Sporcle, be sure to research questions such as these more carefully, since there is a “movieverse” and “comicverse,” which can be two different things. Perhaps confusion can be avoided by stating “What country did Magneto hail from in the X-Men movie franchise?” Hey, we can’t complain, we got our points!
6. Soundtracks – Audio clip from iconic 1968 film featuring a sassy AI, monkeys, and cool antigravity scenes.
7. Web Sites – Founded in 2002, what music web site used a program called audio scrobbler (sp?) to build profiles for the listener based on their musical tastes? Miss for 4.
8. Architecture – The Empire State Building and Chrysler Building both feature examples of what type of architecture from the 1920s?
9. Sitcoms – What late ’70s sitcom featured characters named Dwayne, Raj, and Rerun? An easy one for old farts like us.
10. Money – On what denomination would you find someone who served in the Tennessee Senate and House? And for nerd bonus, what appears on the back of this denomination? Perhaps using this question earlier in the game when players are not likely to be cashing out might be wise, since one our players happened to be cashing out his bill at exactly this time, so we got the nerd point easily. But hey, the money was out before the question was asked, so what was he supposed to do? 🙂
Visual mystery: Missed #4.
Heading into the final: Four teams with scores ranging from 20 to 57, with More Beer Less Pants taking the top spot, and us taking second with 55 points.
Category: Flags of the World
Cyprus and Kosovo are the only two nations in the world whose flags feature what?
Another “Bradagory,” but we got this one easily thanks this time to Mike. So did the team ahead of us- final standings – Miskatonic U., 75, More Beer Less Pants 77. We “may” be back for one more game next week, after that, our work schedules will not allow more than one weeknight trivia game 😦Go Pods!

One thought on “Trivia Recap Sept, 23, 2015 – Johnny’s Grill

  1. Interesting note, the money we won at this game was later given away to the team we beat that night as payment for helping us advance to a tournament. Gotta keep those trivia wheels greased, lol!

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