Trivia Recap Oct. 5, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (Ann Arbor)


It took us long enough – but we finally played our eighth game at Arbor Brewing Company Sunday, thus qualifying us to play in a second venue tournament. We don’t have very high expectations for qualifying for the regional tournament at either place – Ypsilanti’s “Corner Brewery” (where we missed the first two games of the season), nor at Arbor Brewing Company, where we only played the minimum eight games. It will be do or do not at both places, which have some great teams and tough competition. It’s always interesting to see whether the five-person team limits provide an equalizing effect at the venue tournaments, especially at Corner Brewery, which can have some very, very large teams on most nights. Will all of those teams do as well when they have to pare down to five players? On most nights, our team is just 4-6 players. All that aside, all we have to fear is Cthulhu himself, right? 🙂
Good news is we officially “broke in” our new player Geoff, who got a big confidence boost helping us on a tough NBA final question in game two. Plus we told he him his voice sounded like Academy Award-nominated actor Edward Norton. Now if that’s not enough to put the trivia fire in the belly and keep a player coming out, we don’t know what is!
On to the questions…
Game One
1. U.S. Cities – In what U.S. city would you find the main campus of Johns Hopkins University?
2. Video Games – Narshe and Altea are fictional towns in what long-running video game franchise launched in 1987? Mike knew the answer right away, but unfortunately second-guessed himself into another possibility, which was not correct. Miss for 3.
3. Stars- With a name meaning “nearest to” in Latin, which is the closest known star to the sun? Geoff and Mike teamed up here.
4. The Simpsons – Which “Simpsons” character owns the Leftorium?
5. Pro Sports – The Texas Chapparals, Utah Stars and the Virginia Squires were all part of what league that ceased to exist in 1976? FB clue that we did not need, yay Brad!
6. Animated movies – In what decade was “Lady and the Tramp” released? For nerd bonus, what were the names of the terrier and bloodhound characters in the movie? Two players were in disagreement about which decade this was released, and the correct person did not win the argument. These things happen, miss for just 1, no nerd bonus.
7. Birthstones – Peridot is the traditional birthstone for which month?
8. ’70s Songs – What singer had three Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits in the ’70s with songs including “Tonight’s the Night?” Turns out we would’ve been able to name the other two songs, too. Why couldn’t this have been the nerd point opportunity? Sniffle…yes, we know there is no crying in trivia.
9. Landmarks – A lighthouse in Santo Domingo, Dominican republic purportedly holds the remains of what person? Someone came up with the correct answer right away, but we strangely tried to think of another person. We are glad we didn’t ever come up with that other person’s name until well after time was called, because our first answer was right.
10. Fashion – What type of knitted open sweater was popularized by a military officer during the Crimean War?
Mystery: Before and After
1. Etta James’ signature song and sitcom featuring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis.
2. Singer of AC/DC since 1980 and ninth most populous city in Tennessee.
3. Research/development plan of first nuclear weapons used by the U.S. and Eli Holzman reality show premiering in 2004.
4. Actress who married Robin Thicke in 2005 and actor who voiced “Ratatouille” in 2007 movie of same name.
Worst “Before and After” round ever for us. Missed all but #3, but we did happen to know who voiced “Ratatouille.”
We wound up tied for first with One is the Loneliest Number and Larry’s Bald Spot with 56 points.
Final category: Rivers
Spuyten Duyvil Creek connects the Hudson River to what other river that forms most of the northern border of the island of Manhattan?
We put East River, as well as a lot of other teams who also got it wrong. We were talking and in a poor spot to hear the final standings, and did not write them down.
Game Two
1. MLB Teams – Which MLB team with a bird for a mascot plays its home games the farthest west? Heb, Brad, and Geoff all teamed up on this one with success.
2. SNL – What SNL character appeared as a sarcastic reporter in his self-created “Hollywood Minute” portion of the “Weekend Update?” The word “sarcastic” was enough a clue for us to guess correctly. Yes, we got an SNL question right for a change!
3. Africa – The northernmost point in Africa is located in what country? Mike and Heb teamed up here.
4. Alcohol – The name of what alcoholic beverage is found in the title of what Hunter S. Thompson novel and a movie featuring Johnny Depp? Totally forgot about this movie. Miss for 1.
5. Cabinet – Until 1913, the U.S. department of Commerce was merged with what other cabinet-level department?
6. Famous Brothers – What is the first name of either of the Brothers Grimm? For nerd bonus, name both. Only got one.
7. Audio clue: had to name album by horrible mid-’90s band. And here is where the game started to go really, really downhill. We burned off low-points slips on the first questions, most of which we got right, but we weren’t confident in the answers. Stay tuned for our descent into the abyss…Miss for 7 on this one.
8. Young Actresses – What was the name of the actress who won the supporting actor Academy Award for “Paper Moon?” An easy 10 points.
9. Collective Nouns – What is the three-letter name for the collective name for oysters and clams? Miss for 8.
10. Candy – What M&M’s candy comes in a green wrapper? There was more to this question. Miss for 9 points.
Mystery: Got all eight points, which we sorely needed.
We were in sixth with 38 points heading into the final. And that’s all we’re going to say about that (Forrest Gump voice).
(As of October 2015) Three of the five players with the most career three point field goals in NBA history played on the Boston Celtics are some point during their careers.
Name two of those three players.
We were in a severe quandary here. We wanted to “go big or go home,” but also didn’t want to end up with 18 points for the game if we blew it. So we decided to hedge our bets and wager 10. Our new guy Geoff and Brad wound up getting this right, go them! That is one of the challenges of playing with a new player, is trying to get a “bead” on their strong topics, which gives you the confidence to wager accordingly – or not wager. The more you know, Go Pods!

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