Sometimes You Have To Break Up With A Trivia Spot…

After having a team discussion last night, we have decided that it’s become just a bit too complicated to continue going to Sporcle Events games at Corner Brewery (Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery) in Ypsilanti on Wednesday nights. New rules taking effect next week mean that if your team has fewer than six players – and is sitting in one of the two center rows of prime seating – you may be asked to share your space or move – regardless of what time you arrived to occupy your table before game time.

It’s worth noting that this trivia spot is unique in that it has a designated trivia room, and virtually ALL of the tables – except the tiny one dedicated to the host Tim – are larger tables able to accommodate six or more players. Whereas other trivia spots usually have a mix of some larger tables and smaller tables – or even bar seating as an option for solo players or Hall and Oates duo teams (my husband and I used to like sitting at the bar if it was just us going out for trivia). We have always talked about why there aren’t at least a couple of four-tops thrown in the mix in Corner’s trivia room so that we can occupy just the space we’d need for trivia nights. They used to have a couple of smaller tables like these in the mix, but not anymore.

We understand that rules are rules, but we like being able to pick the table where we want to sit (we don’t like being surrounded by other tables) – and arrive two hours early to be able to do this. We do not want to sit so close to the projection screen showing the questions that we’d need to bring a chiropractor to games, nor do we want to sit too close to the speaker, or too close to the door (it gets brisk there on chilly nights). We also don’t want to have to arrive even earlier than we do just to ensure we get to sit in the “right” area. Hearing players on our own team is difficult enough for for us on trivia nights without us being forced to sit even closer to the speaker. We’ll be looking into finding other places to get our trivia fix until further notice. Sticks is very close to home, and is one of the places we’ll be looking at switching to when my work schedule allows. Now that weather “might” be getting warmer, we may even think about a place “down south!”

It’s worth mentioning that we’re only part time players at this bar. We’ve only played seven games here, so it’s not like we’re hurting the bar’s bottom line by not filling the table every week!

If anyone has further questions about this policy, please contact the bar. The bar manager Clare was not on duty last night so I do not have all of the details.

I’ll have a recap of the game posted soon, stay tuned and…

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