All Right – It’s Been 23 Days – How About a Trivia Game?

I’ve signed up for a virtual trivia game for tonight, we have not engaged in trivia battle virtually since March 10, and have not played an in-person trivia game since March 29. A couple of nights ago my husband and I happened to hear a final trivia question on Jeopardy about Emily Dickinson, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

Next week we plan to climb back into the live trivia saddle again with a couple of other players. Surprisingly we are still in eighth place overall at the only spot we’ve played semi-regularly, which is Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti, MI, where we have only played five games so far this season.

We are far from being the highly competitive and committed full-time trivia team we used to be before the world nearly collapsed on itself from COVID. But we are gradually getting ourselves back into the thick of things! And now a Chris Pine pic (yes there will be a point to this).

Funny I use the word “committed,” considering some of the insane lengths I went in the pursuit of attempting trivia dominance! Let’s see…using “hired guns” to sub for our team when I couldn’t field a team, playing solo in multiple spots to get a “barhop” pass, traveling hundreds of miles in order to play in a trivia game (usually after vacations), and playing in more than one league regularly. One of my fondest trivia memories was ignited recently while we were watching Star Trek 2 when they were doing a Kobayashi Maru simulation. A fee years ago, I went by myself to a very competitive trivia spot just to pay off another player for them having done us a favor (trivia gift card prizes are as good as prison currency, lol). I decided to use the name Kobayashi Maru as my team name, since I figured my chances of success were not great. Get it? Unwinnable scenario? Or are you like Captain Kirk and don’t believe in those? I digress!

Anyhoo, in a plot twist worthy of the Picard series (if anyone is getting tired of all of the Star Trek references in this blog, my apologies šŸ˜‰ ), I wound up winning a first place prize! I remember hearing a hushed pause in the bar when they announced the winners, and a little murmuring when some team figured out the ironic meaning of my team name! Honestly I just got lucky that night and got a very random question about vacuum cleaners correct!

You can read that recap here

I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the craziness involved in the solo trivia adventures, but as Fleetwood Mac would sing…

Ooh…I’m never going back…again! Sounds better coming out of Lindsey Buckingham (nice finger pick guitar styling on that song). Did you know that nearly every one of the songs on the Rumours album were angry breakup songs? Add to that “drug fueled!” Of course you knew that!

I should have a recap to post Saturday. Also, if you’re into Star Trek, watch the Leonard Nimoy documentary on Netflix!

Now that is enough about Star Trek!

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