No Trivia Game Last Night :(

I tried every trick up my sleeves but I just could not connect to wifi last night at the trivia spot we visited. My darn tablet told me I was connected, but I couldn’t load any pages – even the authentication page for the bar itself, which if memory serves, was the last step I needed to do to really be in their wifi zone. So we cashed out on our drinks and went to a bar close to home.

If you can’t connect fo the wifi or connect to the game’s answering system, you can’t play. Since the plague, Sporcle has gone completely paperless.

My tablet may be old, but it still manages to find wifi most places I go.

Good thing my birthday is on a weekend so I have today for a do-over. Yesterday was great – pleasant winter weather, sunshine, delicious lunch – and I finally got around to watching Green Book. How trippy to hear Aragorn speak with a Bronx accent! 🙂

Today I’ll meet with some friends to play Zombicide and maybe go out for cocktails afterward.

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